Furious Netflix Fans Blast X-Rated 'Supersex' Series as They Threaten to Cancel Subscription

"Supersex" premiered on March 6, delving into Siffredi's beginnings in the adult film industry in 1986.

Netflix subscribers are furious after viewing a clip from a new series that they find is nothing less than porn. Netflix's latest miniseries "Supersex" has been facing criticism on social media for its exceptionally explicit content, with several furious viewers threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

"Supersex" is loosely based on the life of Rocco Siffredi, a famous porn star nicknamed the "Italian Stallion." The seven-part series features Alessandro Borghi as Rocco Siffredi, whose humble origins are explored as the narrative delves into his journey through the adult entertainment industry, making him one of the most prolific actors of all time. However, the series hasn't gone down well with several Netflix subscribers.


A still from 'Supersex' series available on Netflix X

Since his debut performance in 1986, Siffredi has appeared in over 1,500 X-rated films and is estimated to have been intimate with over 5,000 people.

Despite being rated strictly for viewers aged 18 and over subscribers expressed disappointment when Netflix shared an excerpt of the racy series on its US Instagram account on March 7, only for it to be inexplicably removed later.

Screenshots obtained by the Daily Mail reveal outraged comments from users blasting the streaming platform for promoting the explicit series.

"Are we just making porn mainstream now? It's pretty sickening that there is no warning on explicit content like this," one outraged fan wrote.

"Now we have porn on Netflix as well? Cancelling account while we speak, my kids can't see this," another user raged.

A third user wrote: "Isn't this inappropriate for a platform where KIDS FOLLOW YOU?!"

"It's really sad that this is accepted in modern culture. The hyper-sexualization of our society and generation is depressing and degrading to the value of both genders," yet another furious user wrote.

Dirty Picture

A still form 'Supersex' X

"Supersex" premiered on March 6, delving into Siffredi's beginnings in the adult film industry in 1986. Borghi recently spoke openly about the show, describing it as "absolutely the most complicated thing I've ever made in my life."

"I was not really sure [about representing] that kind of complex issue, especially in my country. You can talk about everything you want in Italy, but not about sex," the Italian actor told the Independent recently.

"I really grew up with porn," Borghi recalled. "It was my sexual education."

Series creator Francesca Manieri provided some insight into the series, telling the outlet about her goal to "put men in front of themselves."

"This is what we call the phallocentric system, the system in which the d–k is the centrum of the thought before everything," she said.

"So what can you do right now, [in] 2024, to understand the relationship between men and women? And how can men put themselves in front of the image of their symbolic d–k and try to deconstruct all of this?"

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