'Fountains of Wayne' member Adam Schlesinger dies due to Coronavirus complications

He was in critical condition while hospitalized for coronavirus

American singer, songwriter and record producer Adam Schlesinger died on Wednesday morning due to coronavirus complications at 52. According to CNN, Adam had been hospitalized for several days due to COVID-19 in New York. His condition was critical and was unable to recover from coronavirus complications.

American rock band Motion City Soundtrack released a statement on Wednesday saying, "We're at loss. This one hurts. The tremendously talented Adam Schlesinger, passed away today due to complications from coronavirus. Our hearts go out to Adam's family and friends."

Adam grew up in Manhattan and Montclair and did his BA in philosophy from Williams College. He co-founded famous rock band "Fountains of Wayne" along with Chris Collingwood, Jody Porter, and Brian Young. The band signed with Atlantic Records and released its first album called after the name of band in 1996. Fountain of Wayne was nominated for Grammy in 2003 for its famous pop rock song "Stacy's Mom".

His achievements

Adam Schlesinger
Adam Schlesinger on the left twitter

Adam's album co-written by Javerbaum "A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All!" received Grammy for the best comedy album in 2009. He also won two Emmy awards in 2012 for song "It's Not Just for Gays Anymore" and in 2013 for song "If I Had Time". He won another award last year for co-writing title track "Antidepressants Are So Not a Big Deal" for Rachel Bloom's CW series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend".

Adam received Oscar and Golden Globe Award nominations for writing songs for Tom Hanks film "That Things You Do!" in 1997. American Film actor Ethan Embry tweeted, "I remember the day all the Oneders. @LivTyler and @tomhanks sat in a room and played about 6 submitted tracks from different brands of That Things You Do. When we hears Adam Schlesinger's cassette it was instantly clear which track we would need to learn."

Twitter started flooding with posts when Adam Schlesinger's death news came out. People are calling him a brilliant songwriter, musical mind, underrated musician, beloved artist on the social media platform. Here is how his friends and fans are reacting on Twitter:

Star Wars Actor Andrew Jack also died recently at the age of 76 due to coronavirus on Thursday. The global pandemic have infected over 937,000 people and killed more than 47,000 around the world since its outbreak in December last year.

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