Chicago Sisters Stab Security Guard 27 Times After Being Asked to Put on Mask at Snipes Store

The 32-year-old security guard, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to hospital but luckily did not require surgery.

A Chicago security guard at a Snipes store, who asked customers to put on face masks and use hand sanitizer, was stabbed 27 times by a woman while her sister held him by the hair. The two women, who got involved in a verbal spat before stabbing the security guard, have been arrested, police said.

The altercation started after the security guard asked the two sisters to leave the store for not wearing masks. This, however, isn't an isolated incident. Unruly customers have often put up fights inside stores with employees who refused them service for not wearing masks. The two sisters have been denied bond.

Insensitive Reaction

Jessica Hill and Jayla Hill
Jessica Hill and Jayla Hill Chicago Police Department

According to police, 21-year-old Jessica Hill and her 18-year-old sister Jayla Hill entered a neighborhood store at 3258 W. Roosevelt Road, on Sunday night, where they were stopped by a 32-year-old security guard and asked to put on their face masks and use hand sanitizer placed in front of the store. The sisters refused and immediately got into an altercation with the security guard.

According to police, one of the sisters picked up a trash can and smashed it on the 6-foot-5 security guard's face and started punching him. Jessica then took out a comb knife that had a hidden blade and began stabbing the security guard in his neck, back and arms, leading him to bleed profusely. Jayla, meanwhile, held the security guard by his hair so that Jessica could continue stabbing him, prosecutors said.

Jessica stabbed the man at least 27 times, while the guard and the assistant manager pleaded the two sisters to stop. Finally, when the security guard broke free, the women started kicking him in the head and body, police said. "B****," Jessica Hill allegedly called the security guard, further taunting him that he had gotten "f***** up" by her and her sister.

Aggressive Attitude

Stabbing (Representational image)
Representational Image

The entire incident was captured on the store's surveillance camera. The security guard, despite being hit so many times, managed to keep the sisters inside the store till police arrived and arrested them. The security guard was rushed to a hospital for his wounds. However, he didn't need surgery.

"It's the complete randomness of this," Judge Mary Marubio said in court, according to the Chicago Sun Times. "It's terrifying." Police said that the attack wasn't premeditated but the women "overcharged". The "sheer number" of stab wounds was "of concern," Marubio said, comparing the alleged assault to the emotional and violent outbursts often described in domestic cases.

A court-appointed attorney for the women said that the two sisters stabbed the security guard in self-defense and that both have bipolar disorders. The two have been held without bail on attempted murder charges after their court appearance on Tuesday.