Former Afghan IT Minister Spotted Working as Pizza Delivery Boy in Germany after Fleeing Country

Sadat, who is an Oxford University alumnus, was seen riding his bicycle to deliver pizza in Leipzig, Germany.

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Former Afghanistan minister Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat was recently spotted delivering pizzas in Leipzig, Germany. Saadat, who was the Communications and IT Minister in President Ashraf Ghani's government, reportedly works as a pizza delivery boy in Germany after leaving his homeland.

Saadat left Afghanistan in December following differences with Ghani and anticipating that Taliban would soon take control over the country. Since then not much was known about Saadat till he was spotted a few days back in Germany. Today Saadat's fears have come true but he must consider himself lucky to have fled the country long back.

Minister to Delivery Boy

Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat
Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat Twitter

The news came to the fore after Sadat, who is an Oxford University alumnus, was seen riding his bicycle to deliver pizza in Leipzig. Several media outlets, including Al Jazeera Arabia posted his images on Twitter, after identifying the man as Saadat.

Since leaving his country, Saadat settled in Germany and to earn a leaving he decided to start working as a pizza delivery boy. In the photo that has gone viral on Twitter, Saadat can be seen wearing an orange t-shirt and a white helmet and riding a bicycle. The pizzas are stuffed in a huge backpack that is being carried by Saadat.

According to a report in Germany's local newspaper, Leipziger Volkszeitung, the former Afghanistan minister started working as a delivery boy earlier this year for a German company named Livrando.

Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat
Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat Twitter

Till a year ago, Saadat was a minister in Ghani's government but he fell out with the latter and decided to resign from his post and no longer get involved in politics.

Taking a Wise Decision

According to local media reports, Saadat said that he anticipated that the Taliban would take control over Afghanistan no sooner the U.S. troops leave and feared being arrested. So after being in the government for two years he decided to leave the county altogether when he resigned.

He thought of finding some work and settled in Leipzig but soon ran out of money. He thus decided to take up a job with a pizza maker. Sadat, holds two master's degrees in communication and electronic engineering from the Oxford University and has work experience of over 23 years.

A local media outlet quoted him as saying: "At present, I am leading a very simple life. I feel safe in Germany. I am happy to be with my family in Leipzig. I want to save money and do a German course and study further."

"I applied for many jobs, but no response came. My dream is to work in a German telecom company," he said.