Forget Spiderman, Marvel And Sony All Set to Enthrall Audiences with Spiderwoman

Apart from Spiderwoman, Sony will soon make movies based on Marvel's Madame Webb, Black Cat and Silver Sable,


Popular actress and director Olivia Wilde has been recently roped in by Marvel to direct a new movie. Now, Wilde has given two crucial hints about the movie, and it indicates that this upcoming flick could be most probably based on Spiderwoman.

Spiderwoman in the Making

It was around a few days back that Deadline reported Wilde's involvement in a new Marvel movie, which will be revolving around a female superhero. The report also added that the film could be based on Spiderwoman, which Sony did not confirm.

However, Wilde herself retweeted the Deadline report with a spider emoji, and it clearly hints at the fact that this upcoming movie will be based on the story of Spiderwoman. Later, Wilde posted an image of her son in a spiderman attire on her Instagram page.

A few hours later, Wilde posted another GIF on her tweet that shows a woman shaking her head and unable to talk, with the caption, "Me, answering all your Marvel questions".

Olivia Wilde's Happening Career

Olivia Wilde debuted in the entertainment industry with the movie 'The Girl Next Door' in 2004. In that movie, she played a small role, but it was well-received by critics and audiences alike. Later, she appeared in several notable movies that include Tron: Legacy, Her, Rush, and A Vigilante.

It was in 2019 that she made her directorial debut with the movie Booksmart. The film was a critical success, and industry experts called her a director with vision.

According to reports, Katie Silberman who co-wrote Booksmart will be in charge of the upcoming Marvel movie's writing department. An official announcement regarding the cast and crew of the movie is expected to be unveiled in the coming days.

Apart from Spiderwoman, several female-oriented Marvel movies being developed by Sony are currently in varying stages of production, and it includes, Madame Webb, Black Cat, and Silver Sable.

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