Forget Election Results, This Biblical Preacher Insists That Trump Will Continue As US President

A section of conspiracy theorists believes that Donald Trump's loss could trigger the rise of Antichrist's kingdom

The US presidential election 2020 can be considered the most dramatic one ever happened in the history of the nation. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the country witnessed record polling, and at one point in time, several political experts speculated that there will be no peaceful transfer of power. Even though Donald Trump complains of electoral fraud, democrat Joe Biden is all set to certify his win on December 14 by the Electoral College.

Donald Trump to Continue As President

As political crisis looms up in the United States, a Biblical preacher has now predicted that Donald Trump will continue as the president of the nation. Even after a month of failed lawsuits and baseless claims of electoral fraud by the Republicans, pastor Gerald Flurry of the Philadelphia Church of God strongly believes that Trump will continue his reign as the US president for another term.

Donald Trump

According to Flurry, Biden's presidency is actually contrary to Bible prophecy. Followers of this Biblical preacher strongly believe that Donald Trump's presidency could turn out to be the first inevitable development before the end of the world, which will finally result in the second coming of Christ.

"The Bible has a lot to say about Donald Trump and his presidency. The main prophecies are in the book of Kings and in Amos 7, and several other passages speak more generally about America under his leadership. God cannot lie! These end-time prophecies must and will be fulfilled! The prophecy in Amos 7 is crucial to understanding the 2020 election. It is about Mr Trump, and much of it is yet unfulfilled," said Flurry, reports.

Exposure of Widespread Fraud

Flurry believes that Donald Trump's job is not over as the American president, and he will continue his reign as widespread electoral fraud will be exposed in the coming days.

"Is his job finished? No, it isn't. So I don't believe at all that he will depart from the scene! I still believe these prophecies are 100 percent accurate," added Flurry.

A few days back, a section of conspiracy theorists had bizarrely claimed that Donald Trump's loss could trigger the rise of Antichrist's kingdom. According to these conspiracy theorists, Donald Trump's reign in the last four years had negatively impacted the operations of evil forces, and they are all waiting for Biden to take command of the nation.

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