Forget Contagion, this 2018 Netflix series made a chilling prediction about the COVID-19 outbreak

A Korean drama on Netflix has started trending on social media as viewers discover a scene in which it appears to pre-empt the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

With a global pandemic spreading rampantly across the globe, countries forced into lockdown and millions of people isolating themselves at home, it's safe to assume that Netflix's servers are running at full capacity.

Netflix users have started binge-watching content from around the world in a bid to entertain themselves while in quarantine and this has led to a shocking discovery that is taking the internet by storm.

K-Drama 'My Secret, Terrius' predicts COVID-19 outbreak

My Secret, Terrius
Twitter / eoeoes

Viewers have been left stunned by a Korean drama called "My Secret, Terrius," which made a scary prediction of the coronavirus pandemic back in 2018. People are talking about the final episode of the show's first season, which shows the coronavirus being mutated to be used as a biological weapon, as doctors struggle to find a cure.

"We must do more research, but it looks like a mutant coronavirus," the doctor explains about 53 minutes into the episode, to which a female actor responds, "Corona? Then MERS?".

"MERS, SARS, the common flu. They all fall in the same gene family with the same gene information," the doctor says. "The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. During the 2015 MERS epidemic, the mortality rate was over 20 percent."

The other woman then asks, "But that's not serious enough to be used as a weapon. Am I wrong?" The doctor then goes on to reveal that someone has tweaked the strength of the mutant virus by increasing its mortality rate to 90 percent. Only users in the US and UK currently have access to the Netflix series.

Social media reactions

Once Netflix subscribers came across the scene, it didn't take long for them to reveal their shocking discovery on social media. "Just gonna leave this here but i am massively spooked," wrote one user on Twitter. "This series My Secret Terrius is on netflix but came out 2 years ago and talks about the coronavirus we're going through rn [sic]."

"How on earth does a South Korean writer know in 2018 about Covid -19 aka Coronavirus??????????," commented another. "If you are unsure what I am talking about you can watch episode 10 at 53minutes. The serious is called My Secret Terrius. I watched this last year." Netizens also shared video clips of the scene on scene on social media. You can watch the scene below:

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