Forest of Secrets tvN
Actors Bae Doo-na and Jo Seung-woo. Bae, Seung Woo 조승우

The latest teaser of tvN's upcoming drama, Forest of Secrets slightly reveals the tone of the drama without giving away much of the plot. The teaser features the main character of the drama who is a cold prosecutor that's played by Jo Seung-woo.

According to Dramabeans, the upcoming drama is a mystery-thriller which deals with a particular series of murders and they are connected with deep rooted corruption in the legal system of Korea. Previously, the website reported that Jo Seung-woo is playing the role of a lonely and cold prosecutor called Hwang Si-mok, who lacks the ability to feel emotions due to a brain surgery that was conducted on him in his youth. He is the only one to have preserved his integrity and honesty in his job as a prosecutor.

Bae Doo-na will also play another lonely cop but unlike Jo Seung-woo, she is warm, positive and caring detective. The name of her character is Han Yeo-jin who becomes Jo Seung-woo's partner eventually.

In the teaser, she is seen lying on the floor and her eyes reflect a lot of pain. Her voiceover is heard in the background saying, "A carefully orchestrated truth." In a sense, the two leads are like lost souls and two-sides of the same coin; being warm and cold.

The next few images come and go in quick succession hinting the viewers about the corruption within the system.

It is seen that in a crowded hallway, everyone except Jo Seung-woo bows in respect to one man; reporters gather near the justice department building as important men are escorted in; Jo Seung-woo mentions, "Everyone is a suspect with a motive."

In the upcoming thriller drama, Lee Jun-hyuk and Shin Hye-sun will be playing fellow prosecutors. The teaser ends with Jo Seung-woo who gave a stunned look wondering, "Who is it?"

The engaging teaser has made the viewers eager as to what is to happen in the drama when it starts airing on tvN, this June.