Footage Shows Ukraine's TB2 Military Drone Destroying Russian Ship Delivering Missiles to Occupied Snake Island

Ukraine has released footage showing a drone destroying a Russian ship, which was delivering missiles to the captured Snake island. The ship was supplying the TOR anti-aircraft missiles on the island. Ukraine claimed that they destroyed a large Serna-type landing craft in the drone strike.

Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko pointed out that Russian units remaining on the island were without air cover. He claimed that they will be destroyed and burned out like cockroaches or locusts, according to The Mirror.

Ukraine's TB2 drone destroys Russia's landing ship
Ukraine's TB2 drone destroys Russia's landing ship Twitter

Serna-Type Landing Craft Destroyed

Ukraine is believed to have used Bayraktar TB2 military drone against the Russian ship. Ukrainian defense's black and white footage showed people moving near the Russian ship and suddenly Ukraine's drone hit the ship and a white flash engulfed the craft.

Drones have been Ukraine's most powerful weapon against Russia's invasion. They have destroyed battle tanks and damaged hundreds of Russia's armored vehicles in the war.

What is Bayraktar TB2 Drone?

Ukraine's Bayraktar TB2 drone can carry four laser-guided bombs and has been catastrophic against Russian tanks and vessels.

The TB2 drone has disabled Russia's multiple rocket launch system and destroyed armored tanks and personnel transporters from the air.

Ukraine received these drones from Turkey. Kyiv has also placed additional order to buy 12 TB2 drones from Ankara. The drone is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), which can remotely be controlled.

Kyiv released the drone footage a day after Ukraine claimed that Neptune missiles hit Russia's Admiral Makarov warship, part of the Black Sea fleet, near Snake island. Makarov, one of only three ships of its class, is the most modern Russian ship being hit by Ukrainian missiles in this war. The Makarov was commissioned in 2017 and is believed to have a capacity of carrying nearly 200 crew members on board.