FNC Entertainment Completely Deletes Former AOA Member Shin Jimin's Profile From Website

Though Seo Yuna quit AOA in January, her profile was still visible on FNC Entertainment's official website.

It looks like former AOA member Shin Jimin is already out of site and will soon be out of mind too. Her former agency FNC Entertainment took the last step to remove Jimin's presence completely from its label and has deleted her profile from its website. Thus, no information related to Jimin will be available on FNC's website.

It can be noted that FNC Entertainment also has deleted all of AOA Cream's content. AOA Cream is a subgroup of AOA Kpop band that was formed in 2016 by FNC Entertainment. Among the members of AOA Cream- Seo Yuna, Hye Jeong and Chan Mi, Yuna left the group AOA in January 2021. However, Yu Na's profile is still visible on the FNC website. Currently, AOA shows profiles of Yuna, Hye Jeong, Seol Hyun and Chan Mi on FNC website's AOA section.

Kwon Mina Shin Jimin
Former AOA member Kwon Mina accused Shin Jimin of bullying her for 10 years. Instagram

Jimin Quits AOA, Industry

FNC made an announcement on July 4, 2020 that Jimin had decided to quit the girl group AOA and also to end her career as a singer – artiste in the Korean entertainment industry. This announcement was the result of former member of AOA, Kwon Mina's Instagram posts accusing Jimin of harassing her for over ten years.

FNC Entertainment did not react when Mina shared a number of posts accusing Jimin of bullying and harassing her. Jimin took to Instagram to post a one word apology, "Sorry". Even at this point FNC had stayed away from giving any clarifications or issuing any statement on behalf of Jimin. This enraged Mina who exposed Jimin's sexual activities inside the dorm and also pointed out at FNC's shortcomings on dealing with its artistes.

AOA FNC website
AOA members' profiles seen on FNC Entertainment official website. FNC official website

When netizens started demanding action from FNC and negative messages poured in on Jimin's handle, the agency took a stand. It announced that Jimin was leaving AOA.

"First of all, we'd like to apologize for our managing artist Jimin and the controversy involving her. Jimin has decided to quit AOA and retire from the entertainment industry altogether. We, as the agency, feel responsible for the situation. We will work harder to provide better management for our artists. Again, we apologize for making the fans worry," read FNC Entertainment's statement.

After this, there was no news about Jimin from FNC. Now, the agency had deleted every detail that includes Jimin and has also removed her profile from its official website. Jimin has also acted in the drama Click Your Heart in 2016. She was a contestant of popular survival music show Queendom, panelist in the show Oh! My Part, You and was a part of other shows including Amazing Saturday, Sherlock's Room, Idol's Room, Soo Mi's Side Dishes and more.

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