Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Speaks About His 'Addiction to Women' and Siring 23 Children

In an interview conducted in 2016, the notorious drug lord told a renowned psychologist about his philandering ways.

Notorious former Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, better known as El Chapo, revealed an interesting trait of his character back in 2016 when he was interviewed by a criminologist. Apparently, while he was the mastermind behind the illicit drug trade, it wasn't narcotics that he personally was addicted to. His obsession was, in reality, women.

And there is solid proof for this – his 23 children, born out of four marriages and several affairs. El Chapo revealed this aspect of his personality to famous Mexican criminologist Mónica Ramírez Cano in an interview she conducted with him in 2016, post his arrest. A 5-second clip of this video has been shared by Cano on her social media account.

El Chapo
El Chapo was arrested in Mexico and deported to USA Twitter

The notorious criminal is currently held in a high-security prison in Florence, Colorado. This jail is so well-guarded that it has earned the moniker 'Alcatraz of the Rockies' – a sign of the high value El Chapo has as a prisoner. He was deported to the USA from Mexico after he was arrested in the latter country.

El Chapo's Playboy Lifestyle

The story about Guzman's confession relating to his obsession with women was brought out by the British newspaper Daily Mail. According to their report, Cano asked him: "What are your addictions?" To this question, the narcotics ringleader replied: "None, my only addiction are the women." He also went on to reveal that he has fathered 23 children in all.

El Chapo
El Chapo being interviewed by Cano Twitter

Guzman has been married four times in his life. The very first marriage took place in 1977 when he became husband to Alejandrina María Salazar Hernández. The 63-year old then married Estela Peña who was a bank clerk. The third time he tied the knot, it was with Griselda López Pérez. The last marriage of El Chapo took place in 2007, to Emma Coronel, a former beauty queen.

Whether him marrying so many times was also a result of his philandering ways is not known. However, Cano did give some insight into the personality of the famous prisoner.

"He is a respectful person, takes great care of manners, cordial, kind, very reserved, but when you establish trust you can talk with him in an extraordinary way, which allows you to know how his mind operates," the renowned criminologist was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

She also revealed that while Guzman does have traits of a psychopath, he is not actually one. Guzman, according to Cano, also expressed his disapproval of kidnapping. In his moral universe, that is the worst crime.