A Palm Bay, Florida, woman has been arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband's mistress. According to Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Ashley Spencer, 33, was taken into custody after an arrest warrant was issued charging her with solicitation murder and occupied burglary with battery.

Interestingly, the woman who is believed to be the mistress is a deputy in a correctional home and Spencer had to be put in a different jail to avoid contact with the intended victim. Spencer's husband too had worked in the same jail and is alleged to have an affair with the deputy.

Planned Move

Ashley Spencer
Ashley Spencer shared her entire plan with the undercover agent believing him to be the hit man Brevard Country Sheriff's Office

According to police, Spencer believes that her husband has an affair with a Brevard County Sheriff's Office Correctional Deputy. Spencer's husband is a former corrections deputy at the Brevard County Jail who resigned in August. She also said that the intended victim and her husband had a child so she had hired a hit man to break into the intended victim's house and tie up everyone inside so that she could then harm them.

An investigation began in late August when authorities received information from a concerned citizen who advised that someone wanted to harm a Brevard County Sheriff's Office correctional deputy. "The citizen said the suspect, Ashley Spencer, who asked if the citizen knew of any felons that would do a 'job' for her. Spencer went on to tell the citizen she had a gun and wanted to harm a female Corrections Deputy and her child," said Brevard County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tod Goodyear.

A telephone call was then arranged between the citizen and Spencer, which was monitored by the sheriff's agents from the South Precinct General Crimes Unit. During the telephone conversation, the citizen told Spencer that she had a person that could help her, but they wanted to know what the 'job' was. However, her lid was blown off after she ended up meeting an undercover agent who posed as the hit man with whom she shared her plan.

Plan Gone Wrong

Gun shooting
Spencer is being held in the Seminole County jail because the intended victim works at the Brevard County jail (Representational picture) pixabay

Things went wrong form here. Spencer shared her entire plan with the undercover agent believing him to be the hit man. Spencer told the undercover agent that she wanted someone to break into the other woman's house, tie up the mistress and anyone else in the home so that she could harm them. She also said that she would bring her gun and shoot the mistress and pay the undercover agent $2,000 for the help.

That said, Spencer had a more complicated reason behind planning the murder. She and her husband have been trying to have, specifically, a male child. "The child that was produced out of the affair was a male and that, of course, made her even more upset and that was one of her reasons for wanting to kill this female," Goodyear said.

Police said that Spencer had planned everything perfectly but the only mistake she made was that she didn't realize that she was taking to an undercover agent and not a hit man. In fact, she had also set up an alibi to make it look like she was out of town during the murder and give the undercover the agent the gun afterward.

She was arrested on Thursday afternoon at her workplace on charges of solicitation to commit first-degree murder and solicitation to commit occupied burglary with battery. However, she is being held in the Seminole County jail because the victim works at the Brevard County jail, according to the Sheriff's Office.