Florida Rep Michelle Salzman Faces Death Threats Over Controversial Remarks in House, Apologizes

Michelle Salzman later apologized for her remark saying it was not meant for all Palestinians but only for Hamas

Since the beginning of recent Israel-Hamas conflict US has been largely divided into pro and anti-Palestine sentiments including the political circle. In a shocking turn of events during a special session called by Governor Ron DeSantis in response to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Florida Representative Michelle Salzman from Pensacola is now receiving death threats for comments made during a House floor debate.

Michelle Salzman

The controversy erupted as Representative Angie Nixon, a Democrat from Jacksonville, was delivering closing arguments on a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the conflict between "Israel and occupied Palestine." The resolution, sponsored by Nixon, faced strong opposition, leading to its failure in a 104 to 2 vote.

During the debate, Nixon stated, "We are at 10,000 dead Palestinians. How many will be enough?" Salzman, sitting across from Nixon, replied, "All of them." Although the comment was not widely heard in the room, it caught Nixon's attention.

Nixon later took to social media to bring attention to the exchange, asking if the comment was recorded in the official record. She identified Salzman as the one who made the controversial statement and called for a response.

By Thursday, a video of the exchange had gone viral. Salzman, responding to the growing controversy, released a statement on social media, reiterating her comments and emphasizing that she was specifically referring to Hamas.

"On Tuesday, I was proud to stand with my colleagues in absolute solidarity with Israel's right to defend itself," Salzman wrote. "I also commented that every single terrorist that attacked Israel and triggered this war should be eliminated – ALL OF THEM. Hamas are the ones responsible for all the death on both sides of this conflict."

Security tightened

Facing backlash and accusations of targeting the Palestinian people, Salzman apologized on social media. "I am so incredibly sorry for even the slightest of suggestions that I would want an entire community erased. My comments were unapologetically towards the Hamas regime – I NEVER said Palestine."

In response to the controversy, Salzman revealed that she has received credible death threats against herself and her family. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now providing security protection for the representative.

"The threats against me and my family are absolutely real," Salzman confirmed. The situation continues to unfold, sparking discussions on the role of elected officials in the sensitive context of international conflicts.