Florida Man Masturbates in Front of Horrified Customers at Miami Starbucks; Gets Chased by Police

Blake Reign, a male model, was arrested after he was caught masturbating in public at a Starbucks in Miami Beach on Sunday. The 27-year-old man claimed to be homeless.

Reign is charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct in an establishment, and resisting an officer without violence. A bond has been set at $700 by the judge.

Blake Reign
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Shocked Onlooker Pleaded Reign to Stop

According to Local News 10, the video of the act was recorded by Alyssa DiMaria who was at the Starbucks at the time of the incident. Pleading Reign to stop, she shouted, "What are you [expletive] doing? Get the [expletive] out! It's disgusting!"

The outlet reported that according to the eyewitness, Reign continued with the act for around 10 minutes while standing in front of an American flag in the coffee shop and looking around at patrons. The police reached the area of Collins Avenue and 29th Street following a complaint.

Upon seeing the police, Reign, who was dressed in a white shirt, underpants and white socks, bolted from the scene with the police chasing him down.

The video showing the chase was also recorded by a witness in which the officer is heard shouting at Reign, "Sit the [expletive] down!" when the accused did not respond to the warnings, the officers' fired him with a dart-firing stun gun. After being shot at, Reign stopped and started yanking again while pulling the darts out of his body before fleeing again.

Starbucks Issues Statement

The outlet reported the arrest report claimed that the police shot Reign about eight times, used "closed fist distraction blows" and kicked him in the lower back area.

According to the records, following his arrest, Reign was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. During his appearance in the court, Reign disclosed to the judge that he works at Miami Beach.

In a statement released later, Starbucks said, "Once alerted to the customer's behavior our partners took action and local authorities were immediately called. We want our stores to be a welcoming environment and our partners are empowered to address any behavior that doesn't meet our third place policy."