Florida Man Makes 17-Year-Old Girl Sign a Contract to be His Sex Slave Twice a Week In Exchange for Car

The contract included a clause that outlined hours she was to spend with the man along with the nature of the sexual acts she was ordered to perform.

A Florida man was charged with sexually abusing a minor after he forced into becoming his "sex slave" by making her sign a contract.

Andrew Michael Mustapick, 66, was booked into the Indian River County Jail on Sept. 27, on charges of unlawful sex activity with certain minors after he allegedly met the teenager, then 17, through a 19-year-old friend and agreed to buy the older girl a car in exchange for sex.

'Twice a Week on Mondays and Fridays'

Andrew Mustapick
Andrew Mustapick Twitter/Facebook

The younger girl, now 18, told sheriff's office investigators that after Mustapick bought the car, she was forced to have sex with him after he made her sign a contract.

According to a detective working on the case, the contract included a clause stating that she would be his sex slave twice a week on Mondays and Fridays for the next five years. The "contract" also outlined a number of hours she was to spend with Mustapick along with the nature of the sexual acts she was ordered to perform.

The 19-year-old friend drove the younger girl to Mustapick's home on two more occassions, but the girl stopped returning after the third "sexual encounter." Mustapick took back the vehicle after the girl did not "uphold her end of the contract," as reported by TC Palm.

Detectives Found Videos, Images on Teen's Phone

Investigators said they found evidence to backing up the story. There were allegedly pictures and videos of the girl and Mustapick engaging in sexual acts at his home. These were taken when she was 17, said authorities.

Furthermore, detectives found a 2017 Volkswagen registered to Mustapick and the 19-year-old girl's name. It was bought on June 3, 2020 and sold the following Aug. 24, authorities said.

Investigators said Mustapick denied that he knew the girl, and he stopped answering their calls. In controlled phone calls, investigators heard him asking the teenager for an "in-person" meeting, asking if she was done with high school and asking her if she wanted to participate in another "contract" after she told him she wasn't doing well financially.