Florida Uber Driver Saves Woman from Sexual Assault, Rapes Her Himself While Driving Her Home

The Uber Driver raped the woman behind a popular Key West tourist spot after rescuing her from her initial attacker.

A man allegedly sexually assaulted a woman he had just saved from a sexual assault attack in Key West, Florida.

The woman was rescued by the man from the first attack on a street in the popular tourist city but then took her to a city landmark where he attacked her himself, according to police.

Uber Driver Interrupted Assault After Hearing the Woman Scream

According to the Miami Herald, Jorge Calderon Nunez, 30, allegedly carried out the first attack on the woman in the early hours of Sept. 10. Investigators allege that Mr Nunez was attacking the woman when an Uber driver, identified as Kerry Calvin Gasag, 37, interrupted them and broke up the incident.

Southernmost Point in Key West
Southernmost Point in Key West, Florida. Twitter

Gasag told police he was out driving for Uber when he was heard a woman's scream and saved her from a man who was "having sex" with her. He then drove her to the Southernmost Point marker, dragged her out of the vehicle with his hand over her mouth and assaulted her behind the large replica buoy where tourists line up for vacation photos during the day, according to an arrest report.

Gasag Claims He Had Sex with the Woman After She Started Rubbing His Leg

Gasag said the woman thanked him and asked him to take her to the Casa Marina resort. During the ride, he said, the woman rubbed his leg and asked her to pull over by the Southernmost Point. He said he stopped there and the two went behind the buoy to have sex.

However, police said they have video from a webcam at the landmark that shows him dragging her behind the buoy "while she was clearly trying to pull away." The attack lasted several minutes

Gasag said he returned to the Southernmost Point to retrieve the woman's jean shorts, adding it was a stupid thing to do, and he tossed them somewhere on the way home.

Eyewitness Reported the Rape After Watching the Incident on Tourist Webcam

One of the people who called police about the incident was an eyewitness who was watching the Southernmost Point webcam. He told them he believed he was watching "a rape in progress," according to the arrest report.

After the attack at the Southernmost Point, the woman was found running in the street wearing only a top. Police took the woman to Lower Keys Medical Center and later interviewed her inside her room at the Casa Marina Resort.

Gasag, 37, was arrested on Sept. 11, and faces felony charges of sexual assault, false imprisonment and destroying evidence. Nunez was also arrested on Sept. 17 on a charge of sexual assault along with a burglary charge from a prior incident. Both suspects remain in custody at the county jail on Stock Island.