First Vaccine Shots for Officials Who Said Coronavirus Was a Hoax? White House Decision Flayed

The senior US government officials, along with other staffers, will be the first in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The announcement sparked widespread protest on social media wherein netizens slammed the government's decision to prioritizing those who called the pandemic a 'hoax'.

Since the first case of the global pandemic was reported in China in December last year, more than 16 million people have been infected in US alone. The country has also reported over 299,000 deaths till date.

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WH Staffers to Get Shots To 'Ensure Functionality and Security'

CNBC reported that the decision for the government officials receive first shot of vaccine was taken to ensure the essential government functionality and security. "Senior officials across all three branches of government will receive vaccinations pursuant to continuity of government protocols established in executive policy," National security spokesperson John Ullyot said in a statement.

"The American people should have confidence that they are receiving the same safe and effective vaccine as senior officials of the United States government on the advice of public health professionals and national security leadership," he added.

Apart from the government officials, the decision has also been taken for the White House staff members in close proximity with President Donald Trump to receive the vaccine shots, reported The New York Times.

Around 52 White House staffers tested positive for the virus after Trump tested positive for COVID-19 in October. The numbers also spiked up after the super spreader event held at the Rose Garden in the White House.

Netizens Fume Over WH Staffers Jumping the Line

The reports of WH staffers getting first in line to receive the vaccine irked a lot of social media users. "This is insane.. isn't corona virus a hoax to them?!! Then why even take the vaccine! Beyond despicable. Sickest form of human beings:GOP trump cult," tweeted a user.

"You probably already know this Andy but they were talking abt "vaccine deserts" literally, as they were showing the first trucks rolling out in MI. And you're right, WH & other privileged arseholes need to go to the back of the damned line. It's obscene," tweeted another.

"White House officials reportedly hustling to get immediate Covid-19 vaccines are like crew members whose bad judgment helped cause the ship to sink who are now oafishly elbowing their way to be first on the lifeboats," opined a user.

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