Find out why EXO members are upset with SM Entertainment

EXO members are going through a tough time and SM Entertainment can be blamed for it, hinted team leader Suho

The leader of EXO, Suho, has hinted about the boy band's plan to end their contract with SM Entertainment. The young Korean heartthrob also spoke about the various challenges faced by his teammates in the recent past.

During his appearance in the popular talk show Radio Star on Wednesday, Suho said the entertainment agency is currently focusing on "minimalism". According to him, this new approach of SM Entertainment is affecting the entire team, including him, and it is very disappointing.

Why is Suho not happy with SM Entertainment?

Citing an example, the singer said nowadays he is forced to stay in a small room or adjust with his teammates during overseas programs. Earlier, the record label used to offer a separate suite for him and he is used to it, Suho added.

The EXO member further said SM Entertainment used to spend a lot of money for the overseas shoot of music videos. But everything seems to be simplified now and the only explanation that is given to them is "its minimalism".

EXO Suho
EXO leader Suho spills some details about the boy band's relationship with SM Entertainment. Twitter/EXO

Agreeing with him, Chanyeol said Suho was always given special consideration for being the team leader. He was offered a suite or the biggest room in the floor during overseas shoot, but lately, he is asked to adjust in a very small room, reported Soompi.

Suho assured that EXO will stay together

Then, the host asked Suho about the team's plan to renew their contract with SM Entertainment and he said they are yet to discuss it with the agency. The singer then assured all their fans worldwide that the team will always stay together even if they end their contract with the company.

"We haven't talked about it with the company. We are still talking about it amongst us. The members will be all together, whether we're at SM, or we make our own label, or we go to another label," he said.

The members of K-Pop boy band EXO performing live onstage Twitter/EXO

Suho also said the EXO members are more like a family now. According to him, he gets a lot of happiness by spending time with them as they always give him the strength to move forward and forget about the tough times.

"I think we've spent eight to 10 years together and it didn't go in vain. They always told me, 'We don't have a business relationship,' 'We've become close,' and 'We're really like a family.' Those words really helped me in overcoming tough times," the singer added.