Female German Tourist Arrested after Stripping Naked and Gatecrashing Sacred Performance Inside Hindu Temple in Bali [WATCH]

If found guilty of violating the nation's public indecency rules, Tuschinski could end up spending up to two years and eight months in prison.

A female German tourist was arrested after she gatecrashed a sacred dance performance and stripped naked at a Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia. A shocking video has appeared that captures the moment the woman in her 20s walks into the temple, strips off and then walks naked alongside stunned dancers.

The woman identified as Darja Tuschinski, 28, was arrested and sent to receive medical attention for her mental health, as Indonesia gets tough on misbehaving foreign tourists. Tuschinski's naked rampage could now see her face almost three years in prison. The vile act has sparked outrage on social media for hurting Hindu religious sentiments.

Naked Rampage

Tuschinski allegedly forced her way past security and removed her clothing in an odd protest after being refused a ticket to a Hindu dance performance at a temple in Bali.

The backpacker was caught on camera striding past dancers confidently before posing on the stage above them and forcing open a massive set of ornate doors.

Bali naked tourist
The naked German female tourist seen inside a Bali temple Twitter

When a local man tried to stop her, she curtsied at him, appearing to emulate the artists' gestures before leaving the stage and kneeling close to a shrine as if in devotion. And she was doing this all naked.

Shocked tourists sitting in the audience watched her as she continued her naked rampage and returned to the stage before security personnel interfered and cleared the area of its "bad energy."

If found guilty of violating the nation's public indecency rules, Tuschinski could end up spending up to two years and eight months in prison.

Bali naked tourist
The woman continued her naked march as the dancers watched her in shock Twitter

Bali Police Public Relations Head Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto said: "The incident of a naked female foreigner occurred on the stage of the Puri Saraswati Hotel in Ubud, Gianyar Regency.

"She lives alone. During her stay at Ubud Bungalow, she was often seen naked while walking around the villa area."

No Naked Attraction

The Saraswati Ubud Temple's staff apologized to the tourists and carried out a rite to clear the region of the "bad energy" brought on by the streaker.

Bali naked tourist
The tourist was identified as Darja Tuschinski who gatecrashed an stripped naked after failing to buy a ticket for the sacred dance performance Twitter

Tuschinski was taken to the station by the police, where they performed a drug and alcohol test but have not yet released the results.

Authorities believe that Tuschinski had been struggling for money and became stressed when she was denied a ticket for the show, in which women in traditional outfits perform a dance honoring their Gods.

A ticket to the show costs 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah according to its website, or just over $8.

Bali naked tourist
A local man tried to stop her but she instead started mocking him Twitter

"The foreigner is depressed because she has no money to finance her stay in Bali," police spokesman Stefanus Satake Bayu said on Thursday.

Police also charged Tuschinski with failing to pay hotel bills while on vacation on the popular island, which has seen a surge in foreign visitors being deported for engaging in actions or making gestures that, according to the authorities, offended the religious sensibilities of Balinese Hindus.

Anggiat Napitupulu, the head of the ministry's office for the Bali region, said that Tuschinski was interrogated at the police station before being transferred to a hospital for a physical and mental examination.

Bali naked tourist
The naked woman first tried to emulate the performers' gestures before leaving the stage and kneeling close to a shrine as if in devotion Twitter

He said: "We are currently investigating this case. We are very sorry that this incident occurred."

Public indecency is illegal under Article 281 of the country's Criminal Code, which prohibits "acts that violate public decency or morals,".

It can be applied to prosecute persons who engage in public displays of affection like kissing or hugging, as well as those who wear skimpy attire or undress in front of others.

Article 281 of the Indonesian Criminal Code carries a maximum sentence of two years and eight months in jail.