Female British Prison Guard Caught on Camera Engaging in Sexual Acts with Inmate She 'Had an Interest in' at Men's Prison

Shania Begum
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A female prison officer who was being pressured into entering into an arranged marriage by her family was caught on camera having sexual intercourse with an inmate after her superiors set up a secret camera.

Shania Begum, 25, had sexual relations with prisoner Joshua Mullings after striking up the "inappropriate relationship" while working at HM Prison Birmingham – a Category B men's prison.

Begum and the Inmate Had Sex in the Store Cupboard

A court heard she used the store cupboard to engage in "play fighting, flirting, heavy petting and penetrative sex" with Mullings at the Category B men's prison. However, their rendezvous came to light when prison bosses became suspicious and installed a camera.

Begum, of Telford, Shropshire, previously admitted misconduct in a public office and was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday.

Sentencing, Judge John Butterfield said: "As time went by, you fell under suspicion and secret surveillance cameras were set up in the store cupboard." He said that it was the prisoners' duty to keep the store cupboard tidy and that one of those prisoners included Mullings.

He added: "You and he repeatedly spent time together in that store cupboard to be physically intimate, up to and including penetrative physical acts. You were observed engaging in consensual activity whilst on duty."

Begum's Internet History Revealed She Had an Interest in Mullings, Had Read Up Media Reports About Him

The court heard an anti-corruption probe was carried out after prison intelligence led bosses to believe she was having a relationship with the prisoner.

Prosecutor Daniel Oscroft noted that Begum was a prison officer at the men's prison since Dec 3 2018 and the alleged sexual activity took place between Sept 22 and 29, 2022. The court heard the activity also included Begum giving Mullings oral sex on at least two occasions.

The footage also showed that on some occasions Begum's radio would go off, which she ignored, and she had also been interrupted by other members of staff. On one occasion, she could not be located for about an hour.

When she was arrested, her phone was seized and her internet browsing history revealed that she had had an interest in Mullings and media reports written about him. Mr Oscroft said her conduct "undermines confidence in the prison system, causes problems with prison order and has an impact on the stability and welfare of the prison estate."

Begum's Lawyer Said Her Client Acted Out of Character Because She was Being Pressured into an Arrange Marriage

Andrew Baker, the lawyer representing Begum, said her client "is of previous good character and almost at a loss to explain her conduct. She is deeply remorseful."

He said that she was a carer for her mother and elder sister, who were both in relatively poor health. Mr Baker added that at the time, pressure was being placed on her to enter into an arranged marriage, which had caused her to behave in an "out-of-character way".

He said that she felt "cherished" by Mullings, who had been exploiting her.