Female Warden Resigns after She is Secretly Filmed Kissing Inmate Inside Scotland Prison Cell

After the passionate kiss both Kevin Hogg and Rachel Wilson can be heard whispering to each other on the video clip.

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A female prison officer was caught on camera passionately kissing an inmate in his jail cell. The shocking video shows a prisoner, Kevin Hogg, in a Scotland jail, clinching warder Rachel Wilson after she enters his cell and then starts kissing her. Wilson, 20, didn't know that the enter episode was being filmed with a hidden camera.

The incident happened earlier this month and following the revelation, Wilson resigned from her job. The incident comes as staff claim crisis-hit Addiewell jail is running out of control. Later, insiders revealed how the guard was unaware that she was being filmed at the nick in West Lothian, Scotland.

Getting Wild Inside The Cell

Kevin Hogg and Rachel Wilson
Kevin Hogg seen kissing Rachel Wilson Twitter

According to The Sun, in the 79-second clip, Hogg can be seen in his white-walled, modern cell where he places a banned mobile phone on a shelf facing the door and records footage just seconds before Wilson enters the cell. Wilson then is seen entering the cell. Hogg was then gargling mouthwash but as soon as the guard enters, he pulls her toward him by her arm and the both start kissing.

After the passionate kiss both Hogg and Wilson can be heard whispering to each other on the video clip. They then again kiss and Wilson leaves. All through, Wilson didn't realize that her passionate kiss was being captured on camera.

On Thursday, sources told the The Sun that although the guard was kissing passionately, she felt "intimated and pressured" into the situation. The clip soon went viral among the inmates and when Wilson was exposed, she resigned from her job.

One insider told the outlet, "She felt under serious pressure to do it. It's clear she didn't know it was being filmed. Everyone at the jail is talking about the video. She quit last week after the video started doing the rounds, her career is over."

Kiss Costs Career

Although some are defending Wilson, several inmates believe she enjoyed the moment. A source at the prison told Daily Record: "If this was an unwanted approach then she'd have pressed her panic button but she didn't. It's clear from the video she wasn't coerced or frightened. She is a willing participant.

"Rachel Wilson has only been a PO since spring and was still on her probation period. This video is doing the rounds among the prisoners and other guards as far afield as Barlinnie in Glasgow."

The video was recorded a few weeks back and many at first feared that Hogg recorded it to blackmail Wilson. However, now that the video is being shared among inmates, it suggests the inmate did it for bragging rights.

An investigation has been launched and it's still not known if the two were in a relationship. The news comes just days after it was revealed that a guard was allegedly caught having sex with a caged mobster in his cell at Saughton nick, in Edinburgh.