Fans Worried About Chris Evans' Anxiety Disorder After Actor's Leaked Picture Goes Viral

Because of anxiety disorder, Chris Evans had almost said no to playing Captain America in the Marvel series

Hollywood star Chris Evans of Captain America fame is trending number one on social media platforms after the picture of his private part was accidentally leaked on Instagram on Saturday. Currently, this might be one of the most viral stuff online, but the actor's fans are worried about him facing issues of anxiety again.

Chris Evans had spoken publicly about how he struggled with an anxiety disorder and how it affected his career. Evans had also told that he was scared of publicity and popularity and thought it might affect him as well as his family. Currently, due to that one leaked picture, the actor is all over the internet with popular searches including "Chris Evans photo," "Chris Evans dic." This kind of publicity is no good for the actor and as fans rightly mentioned it might bring back the horrors of anxiety disorder to the actor.

When Chris Evans Felt Like He Was Dumped

Chris Evans
Chris Evans Reuters

Revealing about his fight with the disorder, Evans had said that he had almost said no to Captain America's role in the Marvel series because he was not confident about himself and was scared that the fear factor will affect his performance.

The actor started facing anxiety issues much before 2010 when he failed to land roles in movies Gone Baby Gone, Milk, Elizabethtown, and Fracture. In addition to his woes, his movie 'Sunshine' did not do well. His problem was severe while shooting for his movie 'Puncture' in 2010. He even had minor panic attacks on the set.

He was feeling as if he was being dumped and at this point, Evans did think of quitting acting as he was not sure of anything and was not in good spirits. This was the time when Marvel production got in touch with Evans for the role of Steve Rogers, commonly known by his alter ego, Captain America. This came as a shocker to Evans as he would be a part of nine films with a big pay, and a chance to get wider fame.

Then Captain America Happened

But Evans started worrying that his anxiety problem might escalate. He had even said that he had turned down the offer initially and then had asked them to reduce the numbers of the franchise to six. But actor Robert Downey Jr., the famous Iron Man came to his rescue and advised him not to give in to fear. Evans decided not to take any decisions based on fear and said yes to playing Captain America.

Evans said that the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige was persistent and did not give up on him. "He helped me avoid making a giant mistake. To be honest, all the things that I feared never really came to fruition," Evans had said in one of his earlier interviews. But it looks like the recent accidental mistake might take a toll on Captain America and fans hope that the actor can get through it. Fans poured in messages on social media asking netizens to respect the actor's privacy.