Chris Evans Accidentally Leaks Explicit Photo on Instagram, Fans Call it 'America's D**k'

Chris Evans Trends on Twitter After He Accidentally Leaks The Pic

Chris Evans, the Captain America of Avengers is trending for his d**k picture, which he has accidentally leaked on Instagram on Saturday. It seems the actor was attempting an Instagram live video when he mistakenly uploaded a picture showing his erect penis amid a string of recognizable photos of himself.

Even before he could realise his blunder, Chris Evans' d**k picture had already gone viral on the photo-sharing platform. However, it looks like the most fantastic actor of Fantastic Four became a social media history. Although he quickly deleted the video clip after realizing his blunder, several fans had already managed to take some screen grabs of his Free Willy.

Several fans took to Twitter and other social media platforms to share the snap and even called it, "America's Dick." While for other fans it would have created a huge controversy, for the Captain America, it became more like a heroic stint as a whole lot of his 5.7 million fans on social media were happy enough to see his name trending.

Well, the lesson here, Chris, needs to edit his video clips before publishing them on social media if he doesn't want to get embarrassed in front of his fans family and friends on social media.

Many on social media started to run theories and speculations on whether the explicit photo was of Chris Evans or his younger brother, Scott Evans, as nude photos of the latter have been leaked on social media in the past.

Chris Evan trends on Twitter
Chris Evan trends on Twitter for nude leak

One of his fans Tweeted, "I love Chris Evans so much. One of the sweetest & most humble guys with a heart of gold. He deserves the world Sparkling heart" while another said, "yes, Chris Evans accidentally leaked his own nudes on his own Instagram, yes, it's funny, but it was an accident and he deleted it, so please don't share them respect his privacy guard him like he guarded that pus*y."