Fake website uses New Zealand's Ex-PM John Key's image to promote bitcoin

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announces surprise resignation
FILE PHOTO - John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, takes part in a presentation, discussion and question-answer session, at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, New York, U.S. September 19, 2016. REUTERS/

A fake news site has used the image of former Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key to promoting crypto-currency. The advertisement was designed for a company called Crypto Revolt.

AS per the Stuff.co.nz, so fat the fraudsters are using fake celebrity endorsements including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and TVNZ presenter Hayley Holt.

The new advertisement imitates a Stuff business news page and showed that John Key was interviewed on his enthusiasm for Bitcoin. The website's logo was replaced with the words NZ Times at the top and all associated links redirected to Crypto Revolt's site.

Earlier, in October the PM's office came to know about a series of Facebook ads that included pictures of the current PM of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. This time the fake page was created as a copy of CNN news article and it claimed that the country had invested "half" of its wealth in "the Bitcoin revolution". However, those ads were later removed.

But, John Key faced similar issues earlier also as his picture was used for ads on Facebook and Twitter in late 2017 and the website was decorated like a real NZ Herald website.

As the fake website quoted, John Key said, "I purchased a mere $1000 and followed the bitcoin loophole system, and now seven years later my $1000 investment is worth $300 million. It's funny to think how that $1000 has grown to become my biggest asset."

Due to the ongoing cases of bitcoin scams, people were advised by the police to know the background details before investing money on such websites for bitcoin.

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