Fake News: Singapore actress Zoe Tay retiring from her career

Zoe Tay
Zoe Tay YouTube grab

There were reports claiming that the 50-year-old Singapore actress Zoe Tay is retiring. But, the Media company, Mediacorp has stated that the these are only rumours and it is fake news, as she has no plans to retire.

Tay is currently enjoying her vacation in Japan and will return to filming in January.

On Thursday, December 20 the actress who was named as "Queen of Caldecott Hill" posted on her Instagram, clarifying that the news about her retirement was fake.

Tay, who acted in movies such as Mister John, The Tree and Love Cuts said in a statement, "I would like to thank everyone for their concern, but I would like to state that I am not retiring. I really enjoy my work and have no desire to retire. The news of my retirement is completely fabricated and I believe my fans will not fall for it."

She also added that "I am currently holidaying with my family overseas and this has not affected my mood. I look forward to my next project upon my return. I would also like to remind the public to read news with discernment. We must learn to read the news carefully and seek clarification from credible sources when necessary."

However, the Singapore based company Mediacorp will be filling a police report on behalf of the actress. They are also working with Facebook and Instagram to make sure that such fake news about Tay's retirement is removed from those platforms.

This article was first published on December 22, 2018
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