San E takes dig at journalist for spreading fake news

San E
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South Korean rapper San E has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. And the rapper has blamed the media for this and warns of revenge rap against fake news spreading about him.

On December 11, the outspoken rapper announced the release of his new single titled "Giregi" which translates to "Trash Reporter" in Korean explaining the rapper's stand on the fake news published by the media.

San E earlier accused SBS channel for reporting fake and derogatory news about him and for terming him as a misogynistic rapper. Following the accusations and his erratic behaviour, the rapper's agency Brand New Media terminated the contract with the artist amicably on December 6. The agency stated that "After discussion with San E, it was mutually agreed upon to terminate his exclusive contract".

The rapper has been in the eye of the storm ever since the release of the song "Feminist" causing a huge uproar and backlash from fellow artists and fans alike. Rappers like SLEEQ and Jerry.K have fired back at San E's lyrics in their tracks. The rapper paved way for more criticism with his "Oong Ang Oong" branding the radical fringe feminist groups terming them as "Megalia" and "Feminazis".

The new single comes days after the rapper took to YouTube to rant about news stories criticising his behaviour at Brand New Music Concert in early December. In his YouTube video, the rapper is seen reading news articles and termed it as the "worst example" of media coverage on him. He claimed most of the news as "fake and nonsense".

Following this, San E took to Instagram on Monday with a teaser for his new single in a video that shows the rapper bouncing while wearing a zipped up ski mask revealing only his eyes. Throughout the short clip, the term "Giregi" is heard repeatedly hinting at the release of his new single to be released after parting ways with Brand New Music.

"Giregi" is San E's third song following the release of "Feminist" and "Oong Ang Oong".

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