FACT CHECK: 'Hypocrite' Senator Rand Paul Gets COVID-19 Vaccine; Photo Goes Viral on Social Media

A picture of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) receiving a COVID-19 vaccine jab has gone viral on social media. However, the claims being made in the caption accompanying the same are untrue as the Republican has not been vaccinated against the fatal virus.

Paul, who claims that he is not an anti-vaxxer, had made it clear in May that he would not be taking the COVID-19 jab.

Paul Dubbed 'Hypocrite', 'Liar' on Social Media

The viral picture shows a smiling Paul, dressed in white T shirt and gray colored trousers, receiving a shot on his upper right arm.

"Rand Paul getting his Covid-19 vaccination before almost everyone and smiling about it," read one of the captions accompanying the viral picture.

There were several users who shared the viral image and dubbed the Republican as hypocrite for getting the vaccine jab while advising others not to. "Morally defunct Rand Paul Lying Rand Paul Hypocrite Rand Paul Rand Paul doesn't care if you die, he won't because he's vaccinated. Do what Rand Paul did, get the shot!" read another tweet.

rand paul
Senator Rand Paul's photo has gone viral on social media. Twitter


"If you believe what you're saying, why did you get vaccinated?" wrote another user.

Paul Confirms He Did Not Get COVID-19 Vaccine

The hoax surfaced after Paul tweeted a video criticizing COVID-19 measures. In the video posted to his Twitter account on August 8, Paul spoke against "petty tyrants and bureaucrats" seeking to restrict freedoms during the pandemic, including officials promoting the COVID-19 vaccine.

"We have either had COVID, had the vaccine or been offered the vaccine," Paul said, referring to himself and his staff. "We will make our own health choices."

Earlier, in May, Paul had said that he will not get vaccinated as he has already had COVID-19. Also, in a column written for the Courier Journal, the Republican pushed against the suggestion that people who have already been infected should receive the vaccine.

Reuters stated that the viral picture was taken in February 2015 by The New York Times reporter Jeremy W. Peters. It shows Paul receiving a hepatitis A booster shot in the Capitol physician's office. Paul had also tweeted the photo with a caption, "Ironic: Today I am getting my booster vaccine. Wonder how the liberal media will misreport this?"

Quashing the talks around getting vaccinated against COVID-19, Paul in a communique to the outlet confirmed that he is choosing not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 at this time and stated that he keeps "an open mind and will continue to monitor the reinfection data."