FACT CHECK: Has Donald Trump Created a Replica Oval Office at Mar-A-Lago?

There are definitely some similarities between Trump's offices at Mar-A-Lago and the White House as he carried a lot of items to Florida before leaving the White House in January.

It has been almost four months that former President Donald Trump has left the White House and settled in Mar-A-Lago, Florida. While Trump's day-to-day schedule isn't known yet, he is supposed to be quite active as his photos often get flashed in newspapers. That said not too many also know about his office in Mar-A-Lago. A recent claim that has been doing the rounds is that the former President has built an exact replica of his White House Oval Office at his Florida club Mar-A-Lago.

A series of photos are also being widely circulated on social media to establish that claim. However, many are still trying to find out if he has really built a replica of his Oval office at Mar-A-Lago and the authenticity of those photographs.

Holding on to Memories

Trump Office
The photograph shared by Miller with Trump in Mar-A-Lago, Florida (left) and the other one where Trump sits alone is of his Oval office (right) Twitter

Earlier this month a photograph started circulating on social media that was taken by Trump's White House aide Stephen Miller. The photograph shows Trump sitting at his new office in Mar-A- Lago, while Miller stands next to him. Alongside that, a photo of Trump sitting at his Oval office can also be seen. The photo was actually posted by Miller following which several media outlets published articles about it and how Trump's new office looks.

Interestingly, the photo shows Trump sitting exactly the way he used to sit at his Oval office and also shows the background of the office. Since then many have been claiming that Trump's new office at mar-A-Lago is exactly like his Oval office. Several social media users have also been trying to draw comparisons between the two photos, with many claiming that Trump created an exact replica of his Oval office at Mar-A-Lago from where he now operates.

However, many are still confused and are still trying to find out if Trump really built an exact replica of his Oval office given that not too many have seen his new office at Mar-A-Lago.

What's the Truth?

Social media is abuzz with the photograph of Trump's new office over the past few days. It's true that Miller posted the photo in April 2021 that shows Trump and him. However, the confusion started with the articles that were written about that photo. While outlets such as Express came up with articles about this photograph, they used misleading titles like "Donald Trump clones White House with his replica Oval Office at Florida home."

There are definitely some similarities between Trump's offices at Mar-A-Lago and the White House, as can be seen in the photo such as the size of his table and the window in the background but nothing more than that.

Trump Mar-A-Lago office
Donald Trump at gis Trump Mar-A-Lago office Twitter

It's also true that Trump did take some personal items from the Oval Office to Mar-A-Lago before leaving White House on January 21. One such piece of office décor can be spotted in both the offices as seen on the right of Miller's photograph: A set of family photos. On the left of Miller's image, Trump's collection of "Challenge Coins," a commemorative coin that is traditionally given to people to prove membership in a certain organization or branch of the military, can also be spotted in both the offices but that hardly makes it similar.

In fact, the background except for the huge windows nothing much is similar so it can be clearly said that Trump did not construct a replica Oval Office in Mar-A-Lago.

Also, same curtains, flags, carpets and lights in both the offices are completely different. The similarity is just in the items that he had carried along with him from the Oval offices to Florida.

The only items that come close to being called a replica are Trump's desk and chair but then again the chair is the same that the former president used at the White House. However, Trump could not take away with him the Resolute Desk, so he purchased what appears to be a Telluride Wood Executive Desk for his Mar-A-Lago office.

In fact, Politico also wrote an article on it that reads: While Trump couldn't take the 141-year old Resolute Desk from the Oval Office, he now has a similar-looking desk that appears to be the Telluride Wood Executive Desk from "Hooker Furniture." The desk currently retails for $3,600 but is currently out of stock until late next month. So it can clearly be said that Trump did not create a replica of his Oval office at Mar-a-Lago.