FACT CHECK: Did Chinese-Korean Star Kris Wu Attempt Suicide Inside Beijing Prison?

Wu Yi Fan, popularly known as Kris Wu, was detained by the Beijing police on July 31, 2021 following allegations of rape and sexual harassment.

Social media is rife with rumors that Chinese pop star and actor Wu Yi Fan, popularly known as Kris Wu, attempted suicide inside the detention center. The former member of KPOP boy group EXO was arrested on charges of alleged rape and sexual harassment. Here is the truth about Kris Wu attempting to take his life.

Rumors started making the rounds after a netizen tweeted that Kris Wu's suicide case was under investigation. He posted the screenshot of a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo claiming that Kris Wu had committed suicide inside the detention center.

Based on that news, he posted on Twitter: "Apparently, he committed [suicide] as couldn't bear staying in prison. Confirmation and more information will follow later." Soon it started trending as many people copied it and claimed that Kris Wu had attempted to take his life.

Kris Wu
Chinese rapper, former EXO member Kris Wu. Instagram

The Clarification

When the issue was picked up by media, the person deleted his tweet. He explained that he did not want to cause any misunderstanding and clarified that his tweet was based on a rumor. "Referring to deleted tweet. Please read properly. I deleted it for it to not cause any more misunderstanding, but I stated it's not confirmed and also that her 'apparently' committed. I'm sorry for the confusion but PLEASE READ, it not my responsibility to answer EVERT qrt," his follow up tweet read.

Kris Wu's agency has not released any statement in this regard. Even jail officials have not released any information regarding Kris Wu. He was arrested by the Beijing police July 31, 2021. He is charged with allegedly, seducing young women into having an intimate encounter with him. The case is under investigation.

It can be noted that the first allegation of sexual harassment was made by a Chinese student on Weibo. Kris Wu was popular on the social media platform and his Weibo page had more than 51 million followers. Initially, Kris Wu took to Weibo to deny all allegations made against him. But after his detention, his Weibo page was taken down.

Kris Wu's detention had even drawn attention of ruling Communist Party's Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission. The department had released a statement: "On Chinese land, it is necessary to abide by Chinese laws. We do not wrong; we do not indulge. We take facts as the basis and the law as the criterion."

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