Chinese Rapper Kris Wu, Former EXO Member, Arrested on Rape Charges

At least 24 women have come forward to make allegations of sexual harassment against former EXO member Kris Wu.

Former EXO member Kris Wu has been detained following allegations of deceiving young women multiple times into having sexual relationships, reports stated. The probe was based on online allegations, after a woman claimed in early July that Kris Wu had assaulted her when she was drunk.

Chaoyang police issued a statement in this regard. "After police investigated the reports made online regarding Wu Yi Fan [Kris Wu's Chinese name] tricking young girls into having sexual relations multiple times, Wu Yi Fan (Male, 30, Canadian) has been detained by the Chaoyang police on suspicions of rape. The case is currently ongoing," stated police.

Earlier, revealing their initial investigation report, cops had said on July 22 that Kris Wu was found to be involved in trickery, blackmail, and extortion.

Kris Wu
Chinese rapper, former EXO member Kris Wu. Instagram

Kris Wu, 30, is not only popular as a KPop star, but also one of the biggest celebrities of China based out of Canada. Initially, he had denied all allegations levelled against him. First rumor surfaced on June 3, when a picture of Kris Wu with a girl named Chen Ziyi walking out if a movie theatre surfaced online.

Chinese media had reported that Kris Wu had booked the entire movie theatre to enjoy his date in private. But singer's agency asked Wanda Cinema to take legal responsibility for online circulation of Kris Wu's picture with the girl and for violating their artiste's privacy.

First Claim against Kris Wu

First claim of sexual harassment was made against Kris Wu on Weibo on July 8, by Du Meizhu, 19. She claimed that she was tricked into attending a drinking party at Kris Wu's home two years ago, when she was 17. In several posts, she claimed that he had forced her to drink alcohol and she found herself on his bed the next day. She also claimed that Kris Wu had seduced many other women, including minors, with job promises.

Currently, at least 24 women have come forward to speak up against Kris Wu, claiming that the singer had sexually harassed them. But Kris Wu had denied the claims of enticing girls to have sex in return for benefits, raping girls in unconscious state and having sex with minors. Currently, Kris Wu's lawyers are suing Meizhu for defamation.

Kris Wu had taken to his social media handle to announce: "There was no 'groupie sex'! There was no 'underage'! If there were this kind of thing, please everyone relax, I would put myself in jail!"

But following Kris Wu's arrest, they singer's side has not issued any statements so far. It can be noted that in China, those under the age of 18 are minors but the age of sexual consent is 14.

Kris Wu became popular as a member of the Korean boy group EXO. But he left the group in 2014 and started a solo career. He moved to China and since has been a popular singer, actor, model and also has taken part in talent shows as a judge.

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