F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 8 Spoilers, Streaming Details; Gorya to Part Ways with Thyme

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 8 might feature the separation between Gorya and Thyme. The chapter is scheduled to air on GMM25 Saturday at 8.30 pm ICT. It's could also feature the moves of Roselyn Paramaanantra against Gorya and her family. She was never in favor of Thyme's relationship with Gorya. So, Roselyn may use her powers to threaten Gorya to end her friendship with Thyme.

The promo for this week shows Kavin, MJ, and Ren searching for Gorya. It seems like they could not get in touch with her for some time. Kavin reaches out to Kaning to find the whereabouts of Gorya in the clip. When Kaning sees Kavin in the flower shop, she curiously asks him. He informs her that they could not contact Gorya and enquires about her best friend.

The footage also shows Thyme confronting his mother for using her powers against Gorya and her family. He tells Roselyn that he knows everything about her evil doings in the clip. Thyme also requests his mother to stop hurting his girlfriend because of him. Roselyn calmly listens to her son and does not respond to his queries.

The clip then provides a glimpse of the secret deal made between Gorya and Roselyn. It ends by hinting at the reunion between Thyme and Gorya. Roselyn might not be happy to meet Gorya with her son again. It could be interesting to know the next step that Roselyn plans to take against Gorya.

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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 7 Recap

The chapter focussed on the various challenges faced by Gorya and Thyme because of their indifferences. It featured a fight between Thyme and Ren because of a misunderstanding. When Thyme saw Gorya with Ren, he became restless. Thyme announced that Ren is not a part of FR any longer. Though Gorya tried her best to calm Thyme, he became angrier after seeing her supporting Ren.

MJ convinced Kavin to help Ren and Thyme sort things out. But their efforts went in vain because their friends were not willing to pay attention to them. While Thyme shut himself in his room, Ren decided to meet Gorya. In the meantime, Kavin reached out to Kaning to help to reunite Ren and Thyme.

When Gorya Confessed her Love for Thyme

MJ stayed with Thyme, and Kavin went out with Kaning to meet Gorya and Ren. And, things took an unexpected turn for Gorya, Ren, Kaning, and Kavin. Ren decided to spend a day with Gorya to know her feelings for him. But things did not go according to his plans after Gorya received a call from her best friend. She took Ren to a restaurant to meet Kaning without knowing that Kavin was with her.

As Kaning waited for Ren and Gorya, she saw her boyfriend with another girl. Tears rolled down her face, and Kavin helped her confidently deal with the crisis. Gorya also happened to witness the incident. She stepped forward and confronted the man. She also screamed out loud about her relationship with Thyme.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
A scene between Thyme and Gorya from F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 8. Twitter

A Friendly Fight Between Thyme and Ren

Ren understood Gorya's feelings for Thyme. He called his childhood friend and asked him to meet at the school ground. MJ and Kavin also accompanied Thyme to the school. The friends fought with each other after having a heated argument about Gorya. The chapter ended by featuring a happy reunion between Thyme and Gorya. The cliffhanger featured Roselyn sitting at Gorya's house when she returned home.

Watch F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 8 on GMM25 Saturday at 8.30 pm ICT. The chapter will be available with subtitles for international fans on the official YouTube channel of GMM25.