F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 7 Spoilers and Streaming Details: Thyme to Confront Ren

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 7 will air on GMM25 Saturday at 8.30 pm ICT. The chapter will focus on the complicated relationship between Thyme and Ren. Although they will fight because of Gorya, she may not know what is happening between the two boys until someone reaches out for her help.

The friends' fight might affect Gorya badly as she could be disappointed to see the boys fight because of her. But she may not get involved in it as it could become difficult for everybody. Theme F4 may have to find a way to end this conflict in the group.

The promo for this week shows Thyme informing Kavin and MJ that he plans to kick out Ren from team F4. Though MJ and Kavin try talking to him, it does not help. Ren also tries to find out if Thyme is serious about breaking the theme. Thyme decides to move forward with the decision until he meets Ren face to face.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
A poster of Thai drama F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. Twitter/GMM25

The footage also shows Ren and Thyme isolating themselves after the incident. So, MJ and Kavin reach out to their friends and requests them to clear the air. Thyme finally decides to meet Ren towards the end of the clip. What happens next is something that the viewers will find out on Saturday.

The teaser for F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 7 also features a short interaction between Gorya and Ren. Ren asks Gorya if she could choose between Ren and Thyme, whom will she prefer? The viewers can watch the mini-series on GMM25 Saturday at 8.30 pm.

Here is the Promo of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 7

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 6 Recap

The chapter began right from where the show left off in episode 5. Thyme and his friends were surprised to see Ren in school. Gorya became a little confused about her feelings towards Ren. Even though Gorya wanted to know the reason for Ren's unexpected return, she did not get a chance to talk to him. Thyme took his friends to a party to celebrate the reunion of F4.

Gorya tried hard to find the reason behind Ren's return. She also discussed it with her best friend Kaning and her boss. They asked her to find a way to talk to Ren and find out the reason behind his unexpected return. So the next day, she met Ren in school and returned his handkerchief. Gorya also asked him about his trip to France. But he did not say anything about the trip to her.

Double Date for Gorya and Kaning

Gorya wanted to end her complicated relationship with Thyme, and she asked Kaning's help. Kaning suggested Gorya go on a double date with Thyme and sincerely tell him how she feels about their relationship. So, Gorya convinced Thyme for a double date with Kaning and her boyfriend. Although Gorya and Kaning were expecting to look forward to some good time with the boys, things did not go well with Thyme and Kaning's boyfriend. They ended up fighting.

Gorya thought Thyme's short temper caused the fight and she confronted him for it. It affected Thyme badly, and he left the place alone. Later, MJ and Kavin asked Thyme to think calmly, and he should not let go of Gorya. They asked him to rekindle his relationship with Gorya.

Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul
Thai actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul with F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers co-star Jirawat Sutivanichsak. Instagram

Thyme was excited to see Gorya in school the next day. He followed her to see her with Ren. Gorya went to the rooftop to meet Ren after finding out about Mira and her boyfriend. She wanted to comfort Ren and ease his pain. Thyme became furious and decided to cut all ties with Ren. The next episode of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers will feature the after-effects of this misunderstanding.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode 7 will air on GMMTV Saturday at 8.30 pm. International fans from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, and Indonesia, can watch the chapter with subtitles on the official YouTube channel of GMM25.