F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Ending Explained; Did Roselyn Approve Thyme and Gorya's Relationship?

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers ended with episode 16 on Saturday. As expected, Thyme and Gorya got their happy ending, though they had to deal with challenges. Thyme's mother, Roselyn Paramaanantra, did everything to split Thyme and Gorya. At some point, Ren, MJ, and Kavin became helpless.

Gorya had to fight her way out all alone. Her loved ones, including Kanning, could only watch her from far and pray for her. But she did not give up. Her determination to bring back Thyme helped her win this battle against Roselyn. But there was a moment when she lost hope and decided to give up. So, how did she rekindle her relationship with Thyme?

Previously, Thyme got injured while protecting his mother from an attacker, who accidentally stabbed the heir of the Parama Group. Thyme was on his way to meet Gorya when he noticed the attacker, a long-term investor of the company. He was disappointed by his new company policies of Roselyn and was trying to take revenge. The unexpected incident shook everybody, including Ren, Kavin, and MJ.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
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Gorya and the three members of F4 could not see Thyme after the incident because Roselyn had tightened the security. Thyme spent several days in the hospital, and Gorya could only pray for him. After several days of observation, he was shifted to the room, and his friends rushed to the hospital to meet him. When Gorya reached the hospital, she found out that Roselyn was not allowing anyone to see her son.

Memory Loss

Later, it was revealed that Thyme lost his memory due to the injury. Roselyn used this opportunity to split Thyme and Gorya. Since he did not remember her, it was easy for his mother to do. Roselyn used her powers to stop Thyme's treatment. She took him back home and tighter his security to keep him away from other F4 members.

So, Ren, Kavin, and MJ came up with a plan to help Thyme regain his memories. They asked Gorya for help, and she went to meet Thyme when his mother was not home. She tried hard to bring back his memories, but Roselyn stopped her. Roselyn kicked Gorya out of the house. But she did not go back home. She stood in front of the gate even when it was raining. Finally, Roselyn was forced to come out and talk to Gorya.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
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So, Did Roselyn Paramaanantra Approve Thyme and Gorya's Relationship?

No, she went out to meet Gorya to remind her that all her efforts would go in vain. Roselyn asked Gorya to put down the act because she would never get to meet Thyme. To her surprise, Gorya said she was waiting for her because she had something to say. She was worried about Thyme and wanted his mother to know that his happiness does not come from money or power.

Gorya tried to make Roselyn realize that her way of loving Thyme was wrong. But Thyme asked her to stop saying stupid things. Thyme then said he would never love a girl like her. He asked her to stop bringing him trouble and go away. When Gorya was on his way back home, her necklace caught his eyes, and it helped him remember his past. He ran towards her, and Roselyn did not stop him.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
A promotional still of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers finale Twitter

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Ending Explained

After rekindling his relationship with Gorya, Thyme went to the US to run the family business. The onscreen couple stayed apart for a year and reunited Gorya completed her studies. They met again for the prom night and enjoyed time together. Kanning, Kavin, and MJ also got their happy endings.