f(X) Victoria's Lip Kiss with Actress Wang Xiaochen Shocks Korean Fans; Here is What Happened!

Actress Wang Xiaochen and f(X) Victoria are acting together in the Chinese drama Dear Life. The picture was clicked during Xiaochen's birthday celebration.

The latest picture of f(X) member Victoria Song has sent KPop fans into frenzy. In one of the pictures Victoria was seen sharing a lip kiss with Chinese actress Wang Xiaochen. This led to speculations of Victoria coming out as a lesbian. But here is the truth behind the viral photographs.

Recently Victoria's decision not to renew her contract with SM Entertainment came as a shocker to Korean fans. She was a part of SM Entertainment for 14 years. Victoria returned to China and has been busy as a singer, actor, model and emcee. Victoria [Chinese name Song Qian] started trending again after Xiaochen shared her pictures with Victoria in her Weibo account. Victoria is known to be a close friend of Chinese actress Xiaochen.

f(X) member Victoria
f(X) member, actress Victoria Song. Instagram

More Than Friends?

In one of the pictures, Xiaochen and Victoria are seen cutting a cake together. A large bouquet was also placed by the side of the cake. In the second photo, the two are seen sharing a kiss on the lips. Xiaochen captioned the picture: "The most perfect woman in my eyes, you are kind, lovely, hardworking and beautiful. Thank you for your care and day, my sister."

South Korean fans expressed shock over the latest picture as kissing on lips among same-sex friends is not common in Korea. Many posted comments asking if Victoria was coming out as lesbian. But this has not received negative comments from Chinese fans. According to reports, close friends of same-sex kiss each other and there is nothing to be shocked about.

Victoria and Xiaochen are currently acting together in the Chinese drama Dear Life. Xiaochen celebrated her birthday on July 25. The pictures were clicked when the actress was celebrating her birthday on the sets of Dear Life, a medical drama of 36 episodes. Plot of the drama and Victoria's role in it has not been revealed yet.

After the disbanding of KPop girl band f(X) in 2015, Victoria started concentrating on her acting career. She returned to China and has made a name as an actor in films as well as dramas. Currently she is filming three dramas [Chinese] including Broker, Unfamiliar Lover and Dear Life [in 2021 alone]. She was one of the mentors at the CHUANG annual music show in 2020.

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