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Body makeup is an art which is not everyone's cup of tea and to make it easy f(x)'s Luna created a tutorial teaching how to apply body makeup on the breasts, arms, and abs.

The singer taught her viewers how to use just makeup to show their arms slimmer, breasts bigger, and abs clearer.

In the video, she can see that she is starting up with the arm makeup. She uses a 5:5 combination of body oil and tanning lotion in order to create a contour shade.

She rubs the contour shade on the underside of her arm so as to extend the natural shadow.

Then, she goes on to highlight the most prominent parts of her arms so as to accentuate the shadows when she goes out in the sun.

She gave a few tips on highlight the collarbone. In the video, she also reveals how to create the illusion of a bigger bust. To do that, the singer took some contour shadow and with a brush she drew a 'V' shape around her cleavage.

She also informed the viewers that it should blend well so that it does not show any clump or get blotchy on her skin.

Next was abs, she used a contour stick this time and down her stomach she draw three lines to create the illusion of abs.

The 23-year-old singer recommended keeping a small gap in the middle so that before blending it's easy to illustrate the gap between each ab.

At last, to create an illusion of the abs clearly she highlighted the parts of the abs that stuck out.

Here is the full tutorial:

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