Extremely Graphic Videos Show Mutilated and Bloodied Corpses Lying in Sewage Drain After Kabul Blasts

Graphic videos showing dead bodies lying in the sewage filled drains outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport has surfaced on social media. The videos bring out the horrific impact of the twin blasts that went off near Abbey Gate and Baron Hotel in Kabul, on Thursday.

ISIS-K, a terrorist outfit, claimed responsibility for the blasts which killed 60 Afghans and 13 U.S. troops. Issuing a statement, the outfit stated that suicide bomber who detonated the bomb outside the airport was Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri.

Bloodied Corpses Filled Drain Outside Airport

The gruesome videos shared by Asvaka News Agency show bloodied corpses lining up the sewage filled drainage ditch. Some of the lifeless bodies, including those of women and children, were seen lying face down in the dirty water as helpless injured stood wailing around shouting for help.

Another visual showed a body being pulled out of drain, though it wasn't clear whether the man was dead or alive. In another five-second video, a man is seen crying loudly as he goes through a bloodied corpses strew across on road near the drain.

The disturbing visuals drew a lot of reactions from the social media users, many of whom demanded it to be removed. "The world needs to see it Our world created such suffering and to close our eyes to it is to say it's acceptable People need to see," tweeted a user.

"Who is supporting the ISIS in Afghanistan and middle East is responsible for the said attack. They killed the innocent people at Kabul Airport," wrote another.

Warning Was Issued About Possible ISIS Attack

The blast came hours after Britain and U.S. sounded an alert about a "very credible" report of an "imminent" terrorist attack by ISIS militia targeting those gathered at Kabul airport in an attempt to flee war-torn Afghanistan.

While claiming responsibility for the twin blasts, ISIS-K posted a statement on their Telegram account on Thursday. Politico reported that an ISIS militant wearing a suicide vest was responsible for the first bombing which took place around 5 p.m. local time just outside Abbey Gate. Soon after an ISIS gunman opened fire at the crowd gathered outside the airport. In the Arabic statement the terror outfit claimed that the suicide bomber was within five metres of the U.S. troops gathering the documents from people desperately trying to flee Afghanistan, when he detonated his vest.

ISIS-K also insisted that the bombing killed and hurt more than 150 people. It is believed that the terror group will release a video to support its claim. Al- Loghri joined the Islamic State Khorasan, an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan and Pakistan, formed in late 2014. The K stands for Khorasan region, a historical term which includes parts of present-day Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.