Extraordinary You Actor Lee Tae Ri to Join Kang Han Na and Lee Joon in New KBS Drama

Actor Lee Tae Ri, appearing in the KBS weekend drama Young Lady and Gentleman, has joined the cast list of an upcoming KBS drama. His agency, Starhaus Entertainment, shared the news with his fans on Tuesday. The Extraordinary You actor could share screen space with actress Kang Han Na and actor Lee Joon in the mini-series.

The historical thriller is titled Red Heart, and it will follow a King of Joseon named Lee Tae. The character will be played onscreen by actor Lee Joon of The Silent Sea fame. King Lee Tae dreams of absolute monarchy, and he plans to strengthen his authority by getting rid of his rival, Park Kye Won, and his followers.

K-drama fans are looking forward to watching Lee Joon as King Lee Tae, a ruler who believes that every action to achieve a goal is justifiable. The character will fiercely fight for power. His emotional lines will be delivered with at most care and many expressions by the cast member, the production team teased.

Red Heart
Actor Lee Tae Ri (Left), actress Kang Han Na (Top), and Lee Joon (Bottom) Instagram

Lee Tae Ri as Park Nam Sang in Red Heart

The Young Lady and Gentleman actor will portray a government official named Park Nam Sang in the KBS Drama. The character is described as a person with integrity and gentleness. Nam Sang is the only son of King Lee Tae's rival, Park Kye Won, and was raised with expectations by his father.

But he is an upright person who prefers to take the path of a scholar. He works with an investigative government department called Saheonbu. The viewers would find out the importance of the role of Nam Sang in the development of the drama When the story of Red Heart unfolds.

Lee Joon
South Korean actor Lee Joon Instagram

Meanwhile, his father, Kye Won, will be played onscreen by Jang Hyuk. The character will get involved in an intense conflict with King Lee Tae. He could disagree with the King on several political issues and wrongfully utilize his powers against the ruler. Kye Won is a person everybody obeys, and he is a living symbol of power.

The King could face several challenges while opposing Kye Won as he is a Kingmaker who resolves to create a young and wise King with his own hands.

Kang Han Na
South Korean actress Kang Han Na. Instagram

Kang Han Na as Yoo Jung in Red Heart

The actress will play the role of a young lady named Yoo Jung in the mini-series. She is a free-spirited woman who falls in love with the King. Things take an unexpected turn for them after the King announces her as the Crown Princess. The King would be forced to choose between his lover and his family.

Red Heart is expected to premiere in KBS in the first half of 2022. Other actors to appear in the mini-series are Yoon Seo Ah as Ddong Geum, Ha Do Kwon as Jung Eui Kyun, Park Ji Yeon as Choi Ga Yeon, Cha Soon Bae as Heo Sang Seon, Heo Sung Tae as Cho Won Pyo, Park Sung Yeon as Court Lady Choi, Choi Ri as Jo Yeon Hee, Oh Seung Hoon, and Lee Chang Jik as Lee Jo Pan Seo.