Expert Says Probable Third Temple of Jerusalem Could be Signaling End of World

Extreme Christian believers strongly argue that planet earth is currently going through the end times

Predictions surrounding world end have been around us for ages, and until now, nothing has happened to this blue planet where life thrives and evolves. However, even now, several religious believers strongly argue that the world end is imminent, and they even claim that the recent events that happen all across the globe are signaling to the fact that humanity is going through the end times.

Now, a Bible expert has shockingly predicted that the rise of a third temple in the holy land of Jerusalem will be actually a precursor before the second coming of the Christ.

Third Temple of Jerusalem Holds the Key

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Until now, two temples have been built in Jerusalem. However, both these temples were destroyed by invading forces. It was Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar who toppled the first temple in 556 BC, as he invaded Jerusalem.

Following a Jewish revolt, the second temple was demolished by the Romans in the year 70 AD. According to Tom Meyer, a professor in Bible and theology at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US plans are now underway for a third temple that will be soon constructed in Jerusalem. Meyer believes that these new developments are actually fulfilling Biblical prophecies, which could result in the end of the world.

"Plans are well underway in Jerusalem for the construction of a third Jewish Temple and perhaps the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. There is an increasing national desire by many religious and non-religious Jews to see the Temple built in their lifetimes. A survey done by The Joint Forum of Temple Mount organizations in 2013 found that 43 percent of religious Jews and 31 percent of secular Jews supported the immediate reconstruction of Judaism's most holy place," Meyer told

Meyer also added that funding for this third temple is being made primarily by the Israeli government, while some donations are being also made by Jewish billionaires.

"Biblically speaking, the construction of a third Jewish Temple is a necessity because Biblical prophecy states that the Antichrist will first proclaim himself to be the true Messiah in the yet-to-be-built third Jewish Temple before the True Messiah appears," Meyer added.

Antichrist Expanding Clutches

In the meantime, popular Christian evangelist Paul Begley also believes that the world is currently going through the end times. According to Begley, the rise of Antichrist is something that is inevitable, and he made it clear that Lucifer has been fighting all the way to stop the second coming of Christ.

Begley also hinted that Antichrist, in all probabilities could be most probably a world leader, who will also have alleged links with Illuminati, a hypothetical secret organization that has its clutches in all world governments.