Exorcism on the Rise in US as Demons Posses Victims Using Text Messages - Catholic Priest

A book written by a Catholic priest throws light into the rising incidences exorcism across the US over the last decade. F

Fr Stephen Joseph Rossetti has dedicated his life to the service of the Lord and served the Church across the United States for close to seven decades.

The Catholic priest is now placed in the Washington D.C Diocese for five years and published a book on his journey through exorcism titled 'Dairy of an American Exorcist' printed in the Sophia Institute Press.

The book sheds shows that exorcism across the US has been on the rise for a decade and the demon is now possessing victims through technology and text messages.

Fr Stephen Joseph Rossetti Exorcism Priest
Wikipedia / Fr Stephen Joseph Rossetti

Rossetti alleged that he's seen the work of the demon with his own eyes and witnessed doors banging, television screens turning on and off in a loop, dogs barking uncontrollably and victims screaming in ancient languages which they never knew existed and even threw sharp objects like nuts, bolts and knives at him.

The priest also states in his book that he witnessed a victim's eye turn completely yellow with pupils shrinking down to mere dots, resembling the eyes of a ''hissing snake'' and also saw another victims eye turn jet black after being possessed by the demon. He revealed that he never witnessed a person's head rotate the way we see in the movies.

Demons Now Possess Through Text Messages, Claims Fr Rossetti

Fr Rossetti recalled in his book that he once received a text message from a young woman who reached out to him after an upside-down cross appeared being ''burned'' on her shoulder and simultaneously the woman's father also received snarky text messages that was a typical demonic rant that read ''she belongs to us.''

The priest claims the text messages came from the woman who was possessed and revealed that the woman didn't really send the messages but it was the work of the demon. Rossetti claims that several other exorcists have had similar experiences of receiving text messages by the demon and revealed that they are now communication via mobile phones.

Dairy of an American Exorcist Fr Rosetti

''By the way, several exorcists have had the same experience, getting texts from demons, and why not?" Rossetti said and continued. "In the past they messed with electronics, TVs and lights turning off and on by themselves. Now they mess with cellphones,'' the book reads.

Thankfully, the young woman has been liberated said Fr Rossetti. ''I claim you for Christ Our Savior by the sign of the Cross,'' and the woman responded, ''I belong to Jesus,'' and wrote that the demon did not like it and would burn an inverted cross onto her shoulder.

''It was an ugly fight, and I don't want to go through it again. Thankfully, this woman has been recently liberated by the power of Christ,'' said Fr Rossetti in the book.