What will Dogecoin's Price Be in December 2021? Here is your Answer

After facing turbulent months since May, Dogecoin slipped to lows with no recovery despite experiencing phenomenal rise earlier this year as Tesla CEO Elon Musk single-handedly made the coins price to rise after investing and continuously tweeting about it.

Investors are hoping Dogecoin to reach the $1 mark but the coin has been going the opposite direction. At the time of publishing, Dogecoin was trading at $0.24 and up +1.76 in the days trade with a market cap of 32.39 billion.

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What will Dogecoin's Price Be in December 2021?

A financial expert predicts Dogecoin is set to rebound in the third quarter of 2021 and the meme-cryptocurrency is set to hover around the $1 mark gaining new highs and lows. It is expected that Dogecoin would rise to a minimum of up to $0.90 by the end of 2021 and the maximum Dogecoin would rise is to $1.07.

As per analyst David Cox, Dogecoin would cross the $1 milestone in December 2021 but gave out a caution citing the coin would touch the magic number only if it has the support of Space X founder Elon Musk up until the end of the year.

''The minimum expected Dogecoin price would be around $0.90,'' said Cox to CryptoNewsZ and continued, ''It is likely to cross the $0.80 mark soon as the coin is constantly breaking the all-time high, as this is the year of cryptocurrencies. The predicted high for 2021 might be around $1.07, and on the downside, the low might be around $0.91.'' he said.

Dogecoin Superstar

Even after slipping to $0.24 (at the time of publishing), from $0.68 on May 8, 2021 during Musk's appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), Dogecoin still commands a larger than life fanfare and investors have stayed loyal towards the coin and never dumped it in droves.

Dogecoin enjoys a large number of 'holders' who expect it to go 'to the moon' and is also the most talked about cryptocurrency in the market which was successful in attracting first time investors to pour in their money, which in reality is a Herculean task.

Investors have kept the spirit of Dogecoin alive through memes, forecasts and social media interactions and never let the coins fanfare fizzle out making it visible on all formats of social day-in and day-out.