Female Journalist Reveals She's Afraid to go to the Gym as She Gets Orgasms While Exercising

In a bizarre instance, a female journalist revealed that she's terrified to visit the gym for work-outs as she experiences orgasms while exercising and finds the issue to be mortifying.

Sophie Blackman, hailing from Hertfordshire in the UK, claims experiencing orgasms while working out isn't as much fun as people think it to be and stated that the issue has caused her anxiety and she fears while stepping out.

Sophie Blackman Orgasms While Exercising Workout Climax
Instagram grab / Sophie Blackman

The 24-year-old admitted that she didn't exercise previously but began working out only during the 2020 lockdown in March and decided to opt for online training classes to stay fit and healthy.

Sophie revealed that she was doing squats in her room along with the trainer who was online on the television screen and suddenly climaxed during the fitness session calling it a ''volcanic eruption'' down there.

''It didn't happen throughout the first few months of working out as I was trying to focus on breathing and staying alive but once I gained stamina, confidence and strength, it was like a volcanic eruption down there,'' she told Fabulous and continued, ''Without going into any graphic detail, you can imagine what happened then and it shocked the living daylights out of me.''

Sophie also revealed she felt extremely lucky that she was at the comfort of her home during the bizarre experience and not at the gym being surrounded by several other people.

''Performing a rep of squats in the privacy of my living room with an over-excited Davina McCall screaming at me through the TV, that my mother had lent me, I crouched to my knees and held the squat with a kettlebell grabbed between my fingers,' she said.

Now that the government has eased restrictions and the gyms are ready to occupy, Sophie revealed that she avoids the gym in order not to embarrass herself as she breaks out with loud screams and moans at home by simply exercising.

As per medical experts, experiencing orgasms during workouts is normal and doesn't relate to any health issue. The term 'coregasm' was coined due to the bizarre experience and several people around the world have been facing the issue. ''Unlike sex where the orgasm will last longer, it's thankfully shorter while getting your sweat on but a lot more intense,'' she summed it up.