Erin Ward: Nebraska Teacher Who Was Caught Undressed in Car with Student Is Married to Harvard-Educated Department of Defense Commander

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he has been associated with the Strategic Command since 2005, starting as a Deputy Branch Chief.

The Nebraska substitute teacher who was caught naked in a car with a teenage student is a mother who is married to a high-ranking federal government employee who attended Harvard, according to records and social media accounts. Erin Ward, 45, admitted to having sex with the 17-year-old boy in the back of the car while she was working at Burke High School.

She was charged with one count of felony sexual assault by a school employee after she was caught naked in her husband's car with the teen. Her husband is a senior government official in the United States, with two decades of experience working with the Department of Defense.

Damaging Her Husband and Her Image

Erin Ward
Erin Ward X

Ward is also accused of betraying her husband, a director at the US Department of Defense, with whom she has three children, by sleeping with the teenager, according to social media posts that the Gretna couple has shared. The report about their relationship was initially covered by the Daily Mail.

William Douglas 'Doug' Ward, 53, assumed the role of Deputy Director of the Commander's Action Group and Senior Nuclear Deterrence Advisor at the United States Strategic Command in February, the Daily Mail reported.

William Douglas Ward
William Douglas Ward X

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he has been associated with the Strategic Command since 2005, starting as a Deputy Branch Chief.

The Strategic Command, based in Omaha, is a military unit tasked with detecting and deterring attacks against the nation and its allies.

In addition to his notable position, Doug earned a master's degree in political science and government from the Harvard Extension School in 2021.

Doug Ward has an impressive educational background, holding degrees from the University of Illinois, Bellevue University, and Harvard Extension School.

Erin Ward
Erin Ward's mugshot after her arrest X

He is currently pursuing a doctorate in defense and strategic studies at Missouri State University, as indicated on LinkedIn.

The father of three shared a photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, wearing his cap and gown while attending a virtual graduation ceremony during the pandemic.

"I graduated today!" he proclaimed, accompanied by the hashtag '#couchcommencement'.

Wife Becomes Embarrassment

The couple lives in Gretna, located just outside Omaha, with their three teenage children. Their adopted daughter, who is in 10th grade, is roughly the same age as the boy Ward is accused of abusing.

Erin Ward
Erin Ward and Dough Ward with their three children X

Their children are frequently showcased on their social media accounts, where they proudly highlight their academic accomplishments.

Erin Ward was arrested early on Saturday when Douglas County Sheriff's officers reportedly found her making out with the teenage boy in the car she shared with her husband.

At about 3 am, police had responded to a report regarding a strange vehicle parked on a dead-end street. According to the sheriff's office, when they peered inside the car, they saw the partially clothed teen in the backseat and the nude substitute teacher inside.

The terrified teenager bolted to the driver's seat and drove off, only to crash the car two blocks later. He then got out and ran away on foot.

Erin Ward stayed in the car, apparently confessing to having slept with the child after getting clothed.

Erin Ward
Erin Ward (center) was working as a substitute teacher at Burke High School in Omaha X

The police found her ID from Omaha Public Schools, and she admitted to substituting at several local schools, including the teen's.

The sheriff's office reported that the high school student was found hiding in a yard, wearing only his T-shirt and underwear.

The teacher avoided statutory rape charges because the teen was older than Nebraska's consenting age of 16, but she was nevertheless charged with felony sexual abuse by a school employee.