ENHYPEN Confirms Debut Date, Here's All You Need to Know About Album, Fanclub

ENHYPEN will debut with its mini-album BORDER : DAY ONE. It has already received over 3 million views for its two debut trailers

The rookie Kpop group ENHYPEN that is internationally well-known even before its first performance has set aside a date for its debut. The I-Land stars are all set to come before the public on November 30 with debut album BORDER : DAY ONE.

ENHYPEN's agency BELIFT LAB issued a statement in this regard and confirmed the debut date. ENHYPEN consists of seven members Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki. The group is already popular and has large fan following on social media including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. The members were chosen during the I-LAND survival program by Big Hit Entertainment.

ENHYPEN members are all set to make their debut on November 30. Instagram

In fact, BELIFT LAB, the agency that represents ENHYPEN is a joint venture of CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. Teasing their album, the group has already released two debut trailers that have made netizens go crazy.

ENHYPEN Trailers a Huge Hit

The first trailer titled Choose-Chosen was released on October 21. The video has amassed 3.9 million views in six days. This trailer is an introduction into the ENHYPEN group and the reason why the members chose to be in the Kpop world. The trailer has a mysterious feel where members are in search of something and have started on the journey not knowing the outcome.

The second trailer titled Dusk-Dawn was released on October 24. The second trailer also starts with the theme of mystery and loneliness but ends with the members finding each other and looking at the glittering sky. This video has got 3 million views in four days.

ENHYPEN has over 3 million followers on Weverse, and over 1 million followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok channels. Recently, the group opened memberships for their official global fan club titled ENGENE.

YouTube Gold Creator Award

The group received a Gold Creator Award from YouTube, thus enabling the Gold Play Button. This was a reward for the group surpassing one million subscribers on its official YouTube channel. ENHYPEN launched its YouTube channel on September 19.

ENHYPEN's popularity has grown so much that the idols when on a personal tour were mobbed by fans at the Gimpo airport in September. The stalker fans called Saesangs had leaked the private information of the group's travel that led to the mobbing at the airport. Soon after the incident, BELIFT LAB issued warning and released etiquette rules to the fans.

Being the sister concern of Big Hit Entertainment that also represents the most popular Kpop group BTS, there are high expectations from ENHYPEN. Millions of fans of the rookie group are waiting for November 30 to see if their favorite idols will stand true to their expectations.

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