'She's Playing Me For a Fool': Texas Man Kills Wife, Posts YouTube Video Accusing Her of Cheating

Trent Paschal recorded the video moments before hiding in the shower, where he shot and killed his wife, Savannah, at their La Marque residence

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A Texas man has been arrested for killing his wife and then posting a chilling video on YouTube accusing her of being unfaithful to him and apologizing to his children for what he had done.

Trent Paschal, 48, has been charged with murdering his wife, Savannah, 30, in La Marque, a city just south of Houston, after she returned back to the residence on Wednesday.

Paschal Ambushed Savannah in the Shower

Trent and Savannah Paschal
Trent Paschal and Savannah Paschal. Facebook

According to a probable cause affidavit, Paschal shot his wife and killed Savannah after emerging from the shower of the master bedroom's bathroom, where he had been hiding, lying in wait for her.

Savannah's mother, who was with her daughter, survived the incident told police that Paschal jumped out of the shower as soon as she entered the bathroom.

"Trent stated that he was going to shoot both her and Savannah," reads the affidavit. "[Savannah's mother] shut the bathroom door on Trent, and started running out of the bedroom, toward the front of the house."

Trent and Savannah Paschal

Trent allegedly fled the home, and Savannah's mother returned to find her daughter on the bedroom floor bleeding out from two gunshot wounds to the abdomen. Savannah was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Police eventually located Paschal in Houston, where, he was shot following a confrontation with a deputy. He was transported to a hospital for treatment and his condition remains unknown.

Paschal Claims He Heard Savannah Talking to Another Man About Sex

Before the police caught up with him, Paschal posted a four-minute video clip of himself expressing his love to his daughter, Mackenzie, and apologizing to her for killing Savannah. Paschal and Savannah also share a son named William from the her previous marriage.

Trent Paschal and family
Trent Paschal, Savannah Paschal, Mackenzie Paschal and William. Facebook

In the video, he said he had heard phone calls between his wife and another man where they talked about sex. He added that he always fearing she would be unfaithful because of their 18-year age difference.

"She's been playing me for a fool. I told her not to mess with me, not to mess with my emotions,' he said. "I put everything into this relationship I have done nothing to your mom. I've never hit her. I've never hurt her. I've never called her names. I've done everything I can. I haven't done anything wrong."

Towards the end of the video, he inexplicably stops speaking and looks to the side and the sound of shower curtains being drawn can be heard as the screen becomes dark. This is when he is believed to have hidden himself in the shower. Watch the full video below: