K-Pop Group ENHYPEN Members Hurt, Left Crying After Fans Mob Them at Airport; Video Goes Viral

BELIFT agency that represents the ENHYPEN K-pop group has issued etiquette rules to fans, violating which will result in a ban or legal action

The upcoming K-pop group ENHYPEN members were in for a shock as they were mobbed at their first airport visit after getting announced as the members of the new K-pop group. The stalker fans called Saesangs are said to have leaked the private information of the group's travel that led to the mobbing at the airport. The video of the incident is going viral as #ProtectENHYPEN on Twitter.

The incident occurred at Gimpo airport when the seven members of ENHYPEN were returning from Jeju Island after attending a private schedule. The Saesangs not only mobbed the singers at the airport but even had booked tickets on the same flight and followed the K-pop idols from Jeju Island.

Niki Pushed, Jake Found Crying

Heesung Sunoo ENHYPEN
ENHYPEN member Heesung tries to protect Sunoo as they are mobbed at the Gimpo airport. YouTube screengrab

Reports claimed that the ENHYPEN members were pushed, Niki got separated from the group, and Jake was seen falling down. Jake was also seen crying as he was swarmed and blocked from entering the vehicle. Currently, the issue has been temporarily solved by the agency BELIFT that represents ENHYPEN by warning the Saesangs and fan group admins. The agency warned the fans against stalking group members, buying or selling their private information, including phone numbers and flight information.

BELIFT laid out the etiquette rules to fans, violation of which will result in either a ban or legal action. Accordingly, fans are banned from visiting work locations of the ENHYPEN members that have not been made public, visiting private spaces including the company office, practice studio, and the artists' dorms, acquiring personal information, stalking the artists and their family members, recording the artists in the aforementioned private spaces, refusing to comply with instructions from agency staff, blocking the artists from engaging in work or entering their vehicles and following them in vehicles.

The agency also asked the fans to delete the videos and photographs from the scene. The result of the statement was such that several ENHYPEN fansites have deleted their preview photos or have deactivated their accounts.


The seven members of ENHYPEN - Yang Jungwon, Park Jay, Shim Jake, Nishimura Riki (also known as Niki), Lee Heeseung, Park Sunghoon, and Kim Sunoo were chosen through Mnet's survival reality show I-Land. The group was announced on September 18.

ENHYPEN has not made its debut yet, but because of their performance in the survival show I-Land they are already famous and fans are waiting for their debut scheduled for November 2020. During the final voting, most of the members of the group received over 1 million views. In fact, after hours of launching the group's official Twitter handle, it attracted 500,000 followers. The debut of ENHYPEN is set to be produced by BELIFT, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

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