Empire season 6 episode 17 spoilers, live stream details: What is in store for Cookie and Lucious?

Cookie completely focuses on the BossyFest as Lucious continues to work on the business missteps of Andre in Empire season 6 episode 17 'Over Everything'.

Empire season 6 is coming to an end in a week and FOX will telecast the penultimate episode of this music drama series tonight, April 14, at 9pm EST. Episode 17 is titled Over Everything and it will focus on the various challenges faced by Cookie as she tries to focus on the business with the help of Lucious. The penultimate episode will also focus on Hakeem and Maya's unlikely partnership.

Cookie and Lucious are now well aware of the personality disorder of their eldest son, Andre, and how it affected their family business. So, it's time for them to step forward and clean up all the mess created by him. But it will not be easy for them to do as they will be facing several challenges on their way.

In the meantime, Hakeem will have to come up with a good plan to end his unfortunate partnership with Maya or else he will lose Tiana. Since Maya has lot of benefits from this marriage, she will never be ready to end it. It remains to be seen how this youngest Lyon works on his misstep without the help of his parents, who are currently busy with the family business.

Here is the official synopsis for Over Everything:


What do the promos hint about episode 17?

Fox has released two promos for the penultimate episode of this popular musical drama series. In one of the clips Cookie can be seen boasting about the upcoming event, BossyFest. The video also shows her confidently talking about the abilities of black women in making money with music. Although Becky tries to help her out, Cookie stops her from doing so.

Meanwhile, the second promo hints at a reunion between Cookie and Lucious. The lead characters of the drama series may become power couple towards the end of the show as Cookie can be seen telling Lucious that they make a great team.

Watch the promos below:

How to watch Empire season 6 episode 17 live online?

Fox will be back with a new episode of its popular drama series on Tuesday, April 14, at 9pm EST. The penultimate episode of the show will be telecast on FOX channel tonight and the series' followers in the US can watch the show by tuning in to the channel on TV. People in the United States can also watch the music drama series on the official FOX website.