Empire season 6 episode 12 spoilers: Showrunner teases trouble for Lucious and Cookie?

Empire is back with the second half of its final season and the viewers are not really impressed with the way the story for the mid-season premiere was delivered

The Empire will return with a new episode of six seasons on Fox Channel next Tuesday, March 10, at 9 pm EST. Episode 12 is titled Talk Less and it is likely to feature troubled moments for the Lyons, especially Lucious and Cookie. The upcoming chapter will also feature singer Diamond White in a guest role as Lala.

Here is the official synopsis for Talk Less:

What does the promo tease about episode 12?

Empire season 6 will be back with episode 12 on March 10. YouTube/Screenshot

A promo for the upcoming episode of Empire season 6 hints at troubled moments for Lucious as it features a gunpoint meeting of him with Damon. During the face to face interaction, Damon confronts Lucious about maintaining a business relationship with his daughter Yana. And, Lucious tries to calm him by talking about the gifted talent that Yana got. He also tries to make Damon understand that his relationship with Yana has nothing to do with their rivalry.

In the one-minute-long video clip, Lucious tries hard to convince Damon about the benefits Yana can acquire by working with him. Finally, the former agrees with the latter. But the new agreement could put the hip hop mogul into trouble as showrunner Brett Mahoney has already said that a deal with Damon could be very dangerous for him.

Will Damon plan a revenge plot for Lucious and Cookie?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner said if the Lyons bring back Damon to their lives, things could become very dangerous and complicated for them. It is especially because he loves his daughter, Yana, a lot. She is like his "underbelly", his "Achilles heel" and his "vulnerability".

"So to have her hurt by Lucious, I don't know what that might do in terms of what Damon might want to do to get revenge," Mahoney added.

Watch the promo for Empire season 6 episode 12 below: