Siwon with his dog Bugsy
Siwon with his dog Bugsy (Twitter) Twitter

Singer and actor Siwon will be cutting short his hiatus to join Super Junior's concerts in Seoul in December 2017.

The embattled star, who faced criticisms after his dog bit a restaurateur who died days later, will be performing at the 'Super Show 7' concert that will be held from December 15 to 17.

Super Junior's agency, Label SJ, defended its decision to let Siwon participate in the concerts, a first for the group since 2015.

"We debated Choi Siwon's participation in the concert up until the very end. However, because [the concert] had been planned many months ago, it was a situation where making adjustments was virtually impossible," the agency explained.

Siwon withdrew his participation in the promotion for Super Junior's new album 'Play' which was released on November 6 after criticisms from netizens mounted regarding the death of Kim, who was bitten by his dog Bugsy in an elevator of an apartment building in Seoul on September 30. Kim died a few days later due to sepsis.

Label SJ said, "At the time, we were still in the midst of discussions for television show appearances, so we were able to respect [Choi Siwon's] wishes and make adjustments."

Following the death of Mrs. Kim, Siwon posted an apology on Twitter, saying, "I feel deeply apologetic after hearing about the situation regarding our family's dog. I offer my most sincere condolences to the family of the deceased."

"I feel strongly responsible as a member of a family who raises a dog. I am currently deeply reflecting for failing to supervise strictly, which led to carelessness and a shocking event. I will do my duty to make sure such an event does not happen again. I apologize for worrying you. I pray a happy afterlife for the deceased," he further added.

Netizens bashed Siwon and his family for letting their dog out without any leash, saying this led to Kim's death.

The death prompted authorities to increase fines against people who allow dogs to roam around in public without a leash.