CCTV video of Siwon's dog biting restaurant owner revealed

A Korean TV news program on SBS obtained a copy of the actual incident that happened last September 30 in Seoul.

Choi Siwon and his dog Bugsy
Choi Siwon and his dog Bugsy Twitter

A CCTV video of Super Junior member Siwon's dog biting an owner of an upscale restaurant has been revealed.

A Korean TV news program on SBS obtained a copy of the actual incident that happened last September 30 in Seoul.

Siwon posted on Twitter an apology to the family of Mrs. Kim, who was attacked by dog Bugsy, owned by Siwon's family. She contracted sepsis and died.

The CCTV video showed that the dog and his owner were waiting for the elevator to open. When the elevator opened the dog, which was without a leash, entered the elevator and attacked Mrs. Kim. The owner pulled Bugsy out of the elevator after the incident.

Siwon and his family are taking heat from netizens for allowing the dog to go outside their house without a leash.

On Twitter, Siwon apologized "toward the family of the deceased, who must be suffering from the great shock and sorrow of losing a loved one. I feel deeply apologetic after hearing about the situation regarding our family's dog. I offer my most sincere condolences toward the family of the deceased."

"I feel strongly responsible as a member of a family who raises a dog. I am currently deeply reflecting for failing to supervise strictly, which led to carelessness and a shocking event. I will do my duty to make sure such an event does not happen again. I apologize for worrying you. I pray a happy afterlife for the deceased," he added.

His father also commented on the cause of death of Mrs. Kim, saying, "However, we heard after inquiring that additional causes such as secondary infection or a problem caused during the treatment process cannot be ruled out at this point, and so it is difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of death."

Actress Han Go-eun was also criticized by netizens for defending dog owners.

"I do agree as a dog owner myself that it's wrong to see other dog owners with unleashed dogs. But you also have to see the other side, that people come up to touch our dogs on walks just for being cute without asking for permission. The dog can bite in a situation like that but all the blame comes back to the dog owner and the dog. I think people need to change their perspectives a bit," she said.

One Korean netizen commented, "She should've stayed quiet. Look here lady, a person died... Would you still be saying this if your own mother was bitten to death by a dog? The dog should be put down, no questions asked" while another said, "So what is she trying to say? She sounds really dumb."

Check out the video of the dog's attack below: