Elderly Woman Suffers Heart Attack While Grinding Against Strippers During Racy Party at Colombian Nursing Home, Video Shows

A group of strippers held a raunchy party at a nursing home in a stunt that led to one of the residents suffering a heart attack.

Racy footage circulating on social media showed the half-naked entertainers dancing with pensioners at the retirement home in El Prado, Cartagena, Colombia.

Stripper Party Organized by Influencer

Nursing home stripper party
Stills from the video shared by Nadia on Instagram Instagram

The party was held at the Una Mano Amiga Foundation and also included erotic cakes and games, local news outlet El Heraldo reported.

The clip shared on social media sparked outrage after a woman appeared to be receiving medical attention following an alleged heart attack. The party was organized by influencer Nadia Cartagena who posted the footage on Instagram.

"Today I held an erotic party for older adults and I got the biggest scare of my life because I did not expect what happened to happen and the truth is that I am very sorry, I just wanted to give them some fun and I did not expect that situation, so I want you to comment on the situation."

Backlash on Social Media

The Instagram influencer was slammed by her followers who felt she took things to far with the party theme. "That party is out of order, that's not fun for people of that age that hurts," commented one user.

"That's not funny at all, if you wanted to take something to those charms it should have been clothes, food for months or an entertainment fit for your age, shame should hit you," wrote another. "That's why I don't continue to 'influencer' they're just empty people who need attention and look for the wrong way to do it, just for attention."

The video went viral on social media with hundreds of other negative comments. However, it turns out the event was a well-staged stunt to protest the care home's problems.

The influencer told local outlet El Universal the video was made to the draw attention of the Cartagena mayor's office to the state of nursing homes in the locality.

"This theme party was organized, authorization was requested, I have the evidence. Nothing was done against anyone's will. We did it with a lot of love, my entire platform is made of very good content, of social help," she said.

"And at no time was the purpose of the video to annoy, abuse or take advantage of the grandparents, in fact, we made a donation to them after the event," Nadia added.

Last month, a nursing home in Taiwan was forced to apologise for hiring a stripper to put on a show for its residents, as previously reported. The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility in Taiwan for retired army personnel, paid for the dancer to entertain 12 wheelchair-bound seniors.